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I have been talking about it for a while and moved the gallery and other parts of the blog over to and now all the blog posts are moved over too, all posts from now on will be on the new website.

Yesterdays blog post, Working in Fair Isle for Stockings is up on the website, this post was the one that finally forced me to move the blog over, we were getting close to being ready anyway but as some of the pictures wouldn’t load here on wordpress I decided to take the plunge.

The website is self hosted but the blog is still powered by wordpress so soon there will be a link so you can still follow via wordspress (hopefully today)

so come join me over at The Bendy Knitter

There will be no more blog posts from me here, I hope you all like the new site.



Our Craft Room

I have not been online in a few days as we have been moving the house around so things are a bit more accessible for me, well when I say ‘we’ what I mean is that hubby has done the moving and I have been ordering him around!

We have moved the lounge down to what was the study/craft room (where I stored my yarn) Then moved all the craft and study stuff up to the lounge/diner which we are now calling “the craft room” the dining table generally gets used as a craft table when we are not eating.

It is nice because we realised that the T.V was very distracting for everyone when it was on, we are hoping if it is out of the way then we can convince the children to focus more on doing rather than watching. In the past few months they have found more things on the T.V that they want to watch so less would be good!

We also realised the study was actually very big, we can have the T.V and sofas in the room with space to play on the floor, and as we only want the sofa and T.V in the room it is perfect!

The desk has been moved up (we have two steps separating the rooms) with the shelves and other bits. This means that my craft items and wool are easy to get to, and the children’s craft items have been moved too so we can all craft away together. It is nearer the table and desk for convenience. The desk is now a work desk for hubby but also a sewing desk and has plenty of room for cutting, he likes to sew as well as crochet, I got a good deal with this one 😀 Most importantly for hubby he is close to the rest of the family rather than stuck away in a cluttered room, and he can help me with fetching things and moving around now he is closer.

The best thing for me is that I can get to all the craft things and get help easily as well as being near everyone as we knit, sew and paint away, and we have kept a nice comfy chair up in the now ‘craft room’ for me to sit on. I don’t intend to go down to the lounge very often as I can not go up and down the steps very easily and it is too far away from the rest of the house (although it is right next to the craft room) I don’t use the T.V most of the day until the evening when we settle down after the children have gone to bed and watch something, often hubby sits and works and I knit, so this solution is ideal, we can be up in the craft room most of the day, working or crafting and being the family unit we want to be and I can access items and help easily without a huge commotion!

We have had a massive declutter and hopefully we can find a good sensible home for everything and make our lives that much easier.

we are still finding a home for everything but i am enjoying making the space workable for all of us 😀



More on The Centenary Stitches Exhibition

If there is one knitting exhibition that is a must see it is this one currently in Lincoln, at the collection, running until the 6th Dec, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lovely work from the film ‘Tell them of us‘ and the pattern book ‘Centenary stitches‘.

I feel lucky to have some of my items on display here as well as on film and in the book.

It is like walking into the wardrobe of a community from WW1, and you get a little taste of just how lovely it must have been to go in and choose what the actors in the film were going to wear!

exibitioncrA few months ago I went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition on bath, it was fantastic but I was wowed in a very different way when I walked in and saw all of these lovely garments.

As I use a wheelchair I actually found I had a good view of all the garments, and this had to be one of the best! this was lovely and really felt like a wow moment as I went under the knits.

under view adjustedThe exhibition gave a feeling of comfort as they are very lovely knits that not only had I seen people wearing them in the film but I can very much imagine myself and family wearing them.

It is lovely and homely knowing that these items were knitted at home, by woman doing there bit keeping community’s & service men clothed during the war.

knitted comforts adjustedteenage ww1 gernsey adjust

The big difference for me is that although Kaffe’s work is amazing and inspirational (I really did love his exhibition) and it has really made me want to push my artistic ideas. The works in this exhibition are very wearable for all the family on a day to day basis, it gave me some new design ideas and the want to make every day knits for people I know.

blck jumper adjustedpink coat crjacket and muff  hats adjust

All items I could pick up and knit easily myself – every item is an item I can see myself knitting, I can defiantly see myself wearing these.

Graces jacket, centenary stitches pattern book, tell them of us film by Elizabeth lovickvintage shawls exibition, tell them of us film, centenary stitches pattern book

The hard work put into these items really shows, there are some items that are quick knits, all in garter stitch, and some that are a bit more complicated, but one thing is for sure there is something for everyone!

driving coat sally sharpen cr

This jacked is lovely and long, a must see!!

A lot if the knits are plain garter stitch, I suspect this was because of time, you can imagine just how much time things took back then so something easy and quick was ideal, we don’t often use garter stitch as much these days but just look at some of these knits- hats, shawls, scarfs and jackets, don’t they prove that we should use garter stitch more!? This also makes these items perfect for beginners 😀


The lives of people in the era has really been thought about, right down to items that girls would have wanted on dolls!

dolls items adjusted dollie hat and shaw adjusted

They even thought about beloved pets!

dog coat adjust

This fab little bag was one of the items I just loved.

bag adjusted

I really could keep showing you all the lovely items from the exhibition but I think it is best to stop here and encourage you to go see it for yourself, it is well worth the trip, all these items look so much better when you can see them for yourself!

And when you can knit them for yourself! some of these items can be found in this pattern book.

centenary stitches cover


* Thank you to everyone who let me share pictures, most of these are Pauline Loven’s (costumer and co producer)

Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

As some of you may know it was children in need yesterday, this is where the whole country comes together to donate money for children charities across the uk, the theme this year is super heroes, my son dressed up as The Doctor, this is great but he dresses like this most days!

the doctoe nov 2014

I did attempt to get him to tuck his shirt in but apparently this is how it is meant to be….humm not sure i would agree. This evening I raised the subject matter of how the waistcoat was too small now; he was having none of it despite him saying how he’d had it for so many years! The amount of times we have said he can’t wear it again! Well I have lost count, it is not like it is his only waist coat he has quite a few more. I have to say though for a child’s item that you wouldn’t expect them to wear much it has lasted well. It has been put through a lot and stood up to the test of time!

What I really wanted to write about is this ‘Super Girl’ outfit, we asked my daughter what super girl wears so she reeled off; a skirt, a bag, a belt and a bracelet, this was already on top of a cape which is a given!!

I knew I could not knit this one up in a few days, and my sewing ability is not what it used to be, so sewing has been handed over to my husband. He has done a few simple sewing items but never a big outfit like this, and we had to use all up cycled items as we only had items in the house.

This is what he sewed up

super girl nov 2014

I cannot say how impressed I am, although my husband knows he has a long way to go till he is making fine garments this is an amazing attempt at something that is quite complicated, and his first time at anything more than patching up things. Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

So he deserves a very big well done, I can’t wait to see what is next!

I knitted up the bag, my daughter chose the colours as we knitted, letting me know just how much and in what order, and the sash was made with the scraps I had in my box, I loved working on this with my husband and my daughter. She loved her outfit and loved being a part of it, helping to choose how it was made, and when asked who made it she very proudly announced ‘Daddy’ 😀

Film Premiere & Knitting Exhibition

I have taken a few days before getting around to writing this blog post, partly because I am not sure where to start!

It all started a little over a year ago when the lovely Pauline Loven asked for a few people to knit items for a film she was working on, Tell Them Of Us. The film sounded fab and I was up for it, turns out a lot of us wanted to knit for the film, about 300 of us, how fantastic!

Well on the weekend it was the film premiere (Woooo!) so we traveled up to Lincoln to see the film, and to finally meet some of the lovely people I have gotten to know over the past year. It was AMAZING seeing all the wonderful knits on screen, the film was fantastic, everything from the acting to the music was great, everyone did a fantastic job!

tell them of us screeningI met so many amazing people. It was so nice finally chatting about knitting and the film in person rather than by message and e-mail, i really enjoyed myself, It was so so lovely meeting the amazing Richard speed and Dorothy pots, there are a few of us who have been knitting squares for Dorothy to make blankets with for hospitals and homeless people, as well as other charity’s, she is part of the charity that started my obsession with log cabin blocks!

You may also know that I, along with a lot of other knitters, have been lucky enough to be part of Centenary stitches, this is a pattern book of over 70 knits/crochet from the film. All of the knits I would wear today, a lot of the patterns we worked on had to be translated to our ‘modern’ language we now use, also to modern sizes, the old patterns often assumed you already knew how to adapt for size and shape as well as assuming you had been knitting from the day you could pick up a ball of yarn!

A big well done to Elizabeth Lovick & Judith Brodnicki, for making this book happen. It was lovely that Judith got to make it over the pond and see her hard work, she has done so much design work, I believe a lot of the design work in centenary stitches is the work of this lovely lady.

The book is lovely, so well put together, and so rich in pictures. As you can see we are all very impressed

As I mentioned a lot of us knitted for the film and the book. What do you do with such a fantastic wardrobe once filming has finished? Well you put it in an exhibition so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful work!

 The Collection, centenary stitches, tel them of us exibition

This is now showing at The Collection in Lincoln and is a Must see for any knitter/crocheter!!

There are other fantastic items worn in the film as well as the knitted ones, hubby was very impressed with these and we have both come away feeling inspired! 😀

Well for now I will leave it at that, so much more to say, and more pictures to share…

Thank you for letting me use your pictures, unfortunately I forgot my camera so I am relying on other peoples photos for memories.

Shawl Pins & Fasteners

After sending the shawl from the purple winter set off to it’s new home with a lovely lady, the subject of shawl pins came up. Until now I hadn’t really given this much thought, I always wrap mine around me and they stay pretty well. When we went to Stonehenge I took the ends and really wrapped it around, holding the left side with my right hand and the right side with my left hand. it stretched nicely around me, really hugging, thankfully it went back to it’s normal lovely shape after 😀

I can manage without, but a shawl pin would be lovely. It adds that finishing touch, from casual pin to something more pretty when you want to go out.

There are so many different pins and fasteners! I did wonder what would be best, Cynthia (the lady who bought the shawl) had a lovely suggestion as to what would work well, and I have to say I do agree…

Here are two pins that Cynthia has had made for her by the very lovely Lorraine of

shawl pin purple red shawl pin

I absolutely love these so I popped over to her Facebook page to take a peek of what other items she makes. I found some lovely jewellery. So if you find yourself in need of a shawl fastener or maybe a new item of jewellery I am sure Lorraine could make you something special 😀

How To Add A Fringe Edge To Knitting

In my last post I showed off a winter set, the shawl had a lovely fringe on it (or tassels as some might say)

Many moons ago I used to find it tedious to sit and add all the fringing to a shawl (or other item) sitting for so long with each piece, attaching one by one, never ending…

Now I find that taking the time to sit down and add the fringing to a shawl is really relaxing, it can take quite a while to attach all the individual strands, some times over 300 of them! But I find it is a good time to reflect on things and get that warm fuzzy calm feeling.

This is how I add a fringe to an item.

To quickly make strands of yarn – wrap yarn around a book or thick ruler lots of times then cut each end (top and bottom)

Insert crochet hook through edge, in this case it is the cast off edge (like when picking up stitches)

attach tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl

Take one piece of cut yarn and ‘grab’ with your hook

 tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl

Pull yarn trough work, but NOT all the way, this makes a loop

 tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl

With hook in loop – pull the two yarn ends trough loop,

do this by wrapping BOTH tassels around hook and pulling trough loop

 tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl

pull all the way through to make a secure knot

 tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl tassel or fringe to knitting, crochet, shawl

keep repeating this until you have a lovely fringe to edge your work

I am so glad I now enjoy doing this, it is something I actually look forward to sitting down and doing!

And I find myself thinking if I could choose between adding fringing to finish an item, or sewing an item together…maybe a blanket, fringing would win every time!

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