how many projects can one have!?

when people ask me what are you knitting at the moment I am sure they regret this question! why? because I have a lot of things on the go at one time, people tell me that i really should finish them up so that I can concentrate on one thing at a time, but that’s just not me!

It’s something like this…. i have one very long term project such as a lace shawl, its lace work so complicated I cannot do it when talking or when the children are around, and with my health up and down I sometimes don’t work on it for weeks on end, but I’m happy with that, I know it is there and I will get it done! iIm not one to give up on things easily!

I will also have something like a jumper or cardigan around to knit up, whether it be for me or someone else, sometimes really  easy ones and sometimes more complicated, they don’t tend to take me more than a few weeks to complete and I can do them when the children are around or over tea with friends.

Now I don’t usually stop at just two, I go to a knitting circle on a Monday and I always need something really easy because we are so chatty and we help each other learn things so I take something super easy, a Knit for the school PTA or some hand warmers and I will do these at home too when I just want something to keep my hands busy,

Then on top of that I will have some knit that my son has asked for or something I have seen or thought up and thought “I’ll just knit that up quickly” I love making up my own patters and designs or adapting patterns others have made so I will pick up some needles to try something that is going trough my head, sometimes it works sometimes…well we just wont talk about that!

I can’t help myself when there are so many good causes that need knitters to help raise money or make something, I will often put all my other projects aside for a day or so to knit up something for a good cause! (i am sure that there is somewhere near you or you could post something to a charity, the patterns are usually quite easy so give it a go!)

Oh and I crochet a little too.

I like having lots of projects going so that no matter what the situation I have something I can knit

Last night I had a push to finish a few things as they were nearly finished but as soon as I was done I had that feeling of ‘what can I do next’ I still have 2 that are going to take a while to finish but just cant help having another one going! but that’s just me I like to have lots to do and think about, often I will pick up my needles to learn something new and before I know it that has turned into a new project even if it is just another sleeping bag for school!

although I do like having lots of things going there are times when I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount I have taken on and I do have to prioritise what needs doing and one by one finish them, and if I’m not careful I forget were I am, what I was doing or what I changed on one part and need to change on another! so have learnt that notes are very important!

So one can have many projects, but if one does then many needles are required!!


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