Finishing chain stitch! Forgetfull Me!

I can’t believe I forgot to show this! I’m so silly! so now I have yet another post on chain stitch!

I’ll try to make this the last!

I have now finished the letters on the scarf yaaay! last night I was stitching all the way around and back to were I started and joined the last stitch to the first stitch so it is invisible and you can’t see it, then it struck me that I didn’t put it on my post so if your following my pictures and get to the end you might be at a loss of how to do the last stitch, although with a little time I am sure you will work it out,

so here is how I do it,

stitch until you come to your last stitch

chin st finish 4

put your needle trough first stitch, both bits of yarn (were they meet)

chin st finish 3

then back through the same hole your yarn came out (in middle of the stitch before)

chin st finish 1

leaving you with a stitch that links the two (the blue stitch)

chin st finish 2

sorry I didn’t add this before,

happy stitching.


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