we all cast on in different ways!

it’s the one thing (well two…) we can’t avoid, no matter what you want to knit you have to learn how to cast on (and to do a slip knot), everyone has there favourite way to cast on, and everyone is different so which way is the best?

I personally don’t think there is a ‘best’ but I do think that there is a best or maybe better way depending on what you are knitting! for example if you don’t want something to stretch at the cast on edge you use a different cast on than you would for something that you do want to have stretch on, or like in my last post , I wanted loops at the edge!

I might start doing some regular posts on different cast-on’s so if you have any ideas of what you might lake to see in pictures I am willing to give it a go!

I learnt a new one recently one I have never used before, a friend told me this is how she casts on and today I was shown by an lovely 8 year old!

*I believe this is called ‘cable cast-on’

make a slip stitch and put it on your needle…(I might cover slip stitch soon)

knit one stitch but DO NOT slip off needle, instead put this new stitch onto the left hand needle

002 003

making two stitches


from now on put your needle in between these two needles, straight through to the back


knit as for stitch and pull it trough, again put this on to the left hand needle

011 014

you should now have 3 stitches on your left hand needle


keep adding stitches in this way until you have the right number of stitches


I’m not really sure if I like this cast on yet or weather I will use it much but there is only one way to find out, so give it a go and see what you think,

Big THANK YOU  to J xxx


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