Knitting Summer Vest into winter Jumper

I bought a pattern for my son and knitted it up in the recommended yarn at the recommended gauge and did it all ‘right’ which I rarely do, the only difference was that I adapted it so there were very few seams.

It was spring approaching summer so a vest type thing seemed ideal and quick, I whipped it up in seed stitch and tried it on him, I aimed the pattern a little bigger as you do, so there is growing room but when I was knitting it it looked as if it would be nowhere near long enough so I made it longer he is 7 so I went up to the 8yo size in length but no not long enough, he’s tall so I just figured that was ok so went on to 10yo still not long enough so on and on but still just about ok….with all the trying on my son came up with the idea of having lots of long bits along the boarder and that suited me just fine as it would add length and quickly!….

He didn’t wear it that much over the summer not too sure why, had some other bits to wear i guess…well as the colder weather rolled in I decided it would not be used and could be undone down to the chest and made into a dress for my daughter…but as I looked at it I realized it still fitted fine and sleeves would be the answer!

So with a bit of discussion my son asked for stocking stitch sleeves, bit odd right? stocking stitch sleeves with seed stitch middle? but it was what he asked for so i was willing to give it a go!

I needed to lengthen the bottom even more so I did that, then I picked up around the sleeve leaving the crochet border and picking up stitches around for a nice detail around the arm hole….I knitted down to the hand…I often do this as we like seamless and picking up at the arm hole means not only no sewing but also no bulky seam, so I have to make my own pattern for it,that’s not too hard just a decrease at the arm hole then after knitting a bit some decreases every few rows till it is the right size…I also added hand warmers to the bottom so the cuffs go over the hand but can also be folded back

adding sleeves

adding sleeves

unfortunately i cannot show the before picture as my laptop gave up and I haven’t retrieved the photos yet (have retrieved it off ravelry and here it is)



This is how it turned out….not a great piccy!

just added sleeves and length

just added sleeves and length

Not sure if you can see it in the picture but the stocking stitch goes well with the seed stitch 😀

give it a go and make clothes last



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