Projects For You?

In the last few weeks I have had a big push on knitting for family and friends, along with the scarfs in my last post I have knitted a few hand warmers and other bits, hand warmers are something i love to knit and I can take then anywhere with me as they are not too big, I love knitting them and a lot of people ask me what I am knitting and if they can buy it, the thing is I wouldn’t know how to go about it! I get asked if I have a web site but other than here and Ravelry I don’t! then you get the usual ‘oh well you should’ and to begin with I just thought people were being polite! but it does now seem more than that!

This has been going on for more than just a few months now so wondering if I should give it a go?

today someone asked me if i was selling this and i have to say i am now thinking why not!?

swirl hand warmer

swirl hand warmer

so many questions going trough my head!

I wouldn’t know what to make and sell so would it be better just making a few things and seeing how it go’s or letting people ask me for what they want and then give them a quote?

And how about deposits? I have seen things people have made and they are really lovely but then the people who have asked for it haven’t payed up, in my opinion if you ask for something you pay for it! it is the risk you take if you do not provide a pattern or can’t ask for a specific one!

Hand made things take time, a long time, I may be able to knock out a hat in a day or a child’s short sleeve top in a few weeks but sometimes that is because I have put everything else on hold,

Then you have the cost of the pattern, the cost of yarn/wool, sometimes the research finding these and then there is the time that’s quite a lot to add up…so is it best to price up bigger items by taking a deposit for pattern and yarn first and then agreed amount for time at the end?

So I was thinking of selling hand warmers at different prices, depending on how nice the yarn is, and then maybe for other things people can explain what they want and we just see how it goes….

So when people ask me from now on my answer is…erm maybe!?

If you want something knitted up it would be my pleasure just fill in the details on my ‘knits for you’ page and I will get back to you

and some ideas in my gallery , i am always adding to this and currently i have mostly small projects as i have only recently started taking pictures of things, these are mostly my own designs xx


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