Last Year I Got My Wish!

This time last year we did not have much to look forward to we were faced with becoming homeless and we just could not find a house to move into, what I find more shocking is that even with two small children there was no help available to us until we were actually on the streets with nowhere to go and not only that we would have had to show that we had tried to stay in our home until we had an eviction notice and were actually thrown out, because of this we did not buy many presents as we didn’t know if we would have anywhere to put them and we did not have any decorations, there really wasn’t much on our minds other than packing and trying to move,

Top of my list to Santa was somewhere to live! and i wasn’t to fussy!

we were all packed up with no were to go, ready to store our stuff and head hundreds of miles to stay with family, we had even told my sons school it may be months after the holidays before he could return!

we were lucky we manage to find a house that was vacant in time and handed our keys in on xmas eve

I remember staying up till the wee hours decorating the house with garlands and beads and tinsel so that when the children got up it would be nice for them to come down in the morning and follow the sparkles to the lounge and see all the pressies, we did not have a tree but it didn’t seem to matter we were together, warm, dry and safe!

we do need to remember that although we are having fun and celebrating doing all the fun things that this time of year brings there are lots of people out there struggling, and we should just spare them a thought.

we spent today decorating our tree, and I think it is this that made me reflect on what last year was like for us, I had not really given it much thought until now, but we really did very nearly end up homeless and trough no fault of our own.

so to anyone out there struggling at all this time of year, even in the most smallest way just know i am thinking of you and sending everyone festive cheer,

after last year I really feel that dreams do come true this time of year so to all of you keep dreaming and the festive magic might just come your way xxx


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