The One Thing I Never Have!

I am sure most knitters can relate when I say I have stacks of wool and yarn, on shelves, in boxes and crates in bags and quite a bit on the sofa next to me! I have sealed bags of yarn that haven’t ever been opened, balls of new wool, wound balls from some of my half used balls, odds and ends, really the list just goes on….

And color wise, I have lots of mixed balls that change color, some mixed with 2 colours pink and cream, pink and purple (you get my drift) I have white, green, blue, yellow, pink brown..other brown, purple…more purple…and it just keeps going on and on..

Same story with types of wool and yarn, I have pure wools, wool blends, cotton, bamboo, mixed cottons (with bamboo or other things)…..

Then there are my double knits,chunky, Aron, 4ply….aaaand again we keep going

Well, I needn’t keep explaining myself, after all that you get what I mean! I have heaps of the stuff, mountains of it! some I am saving for certain projects that I want to do, but if I am really honest a lot of it is jut there waiting for inspiration to hit me!

The problem is when I do have an idea I get excited! look for the pattern and plan it out, and I can honestly say most times I want to make something it will be the one thing that is not in my stash!! usually because of the color but sometimes because of the type of yarn, I might only have some colours in the right yarn so need to purchase the other colors to match!

Having two children things often have a theme depending on the latest book, tv serious, game or film so colours have to be matched the latest thing,!

I just finished most of my red yarn, didn’t think I would really need it so was safe to finish it up…then I have this great idea to make my son something he really want’s… he keeps banging on about it… a Fez! I know so cool! so I look trough all my things and do i have any more red, one small, no make that tiny! ball of leftovers that would barely make a finger puppet!!

So off we trundled to the shop AGAIN!…second time this week, for some red….oh and some brown (dk) for another project I will start sometime in the new year…and orange cotton for that toy that needs finishing…well you know, once we got started!… we ended up coming back with the one ball we went out for and 5 others!!

Now I’d like to say this doen’t happen often, but it does, an awful lot… ok well every time! however I do use it all and replase it with the new finds and we save a lot of money on the bits we make….also I cannot see myself not kniting as it really does keep me going so always have to be clicking away…see how good i am at justifying my yarn habit!?

Now were to stash it all…..

I do wonder if I will ever go out for yarn and just come back with the one ball I set out to buy!?


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