Why does my son have to count down!!

I am sure I did it to my mother and had I known how it makes one feel  …well I probably still would have done it anyway! my son now does it, he’s counting down the days till the green man arrives!! that is Alban Arthan for us on the 21st of December! bit like everyone’s Christmas….

Well I like that he is excited,and mostly about family and food and spending time together, quite proud it hasn’t all been because of the presents he wants although I am sure this does have a fair bit to do with it! I do love it, I am excited too, I feel I have put more thought into it this year, I have knitted so much stuff! and my daughter is nearly 3, after last years troubles this feels like the first time we can really see her enjoying this time of year….but I hate that every day first thing in the morning, when I pick him up from school, when we get home, at dinner, at bedtime….and far too many times in between!!

“It is only ** Days until Alban Arthan!!”

with every day he counts down and every time repeats the number, it is a reminder of how little time I have to finish everything!! eeek!!

ok some of this worry is my own fault, I want to make my little brother a stocking, simple enough! I can do it in two colours and whip it up quick, easy! well yes that is how most would do it nice and quick but pretty…no not me I think it would look nice to do a nice fair isle pattern on it, snow on front and letter on the back…I really should think these things trough given my time limit…mind you, I will have it done in time and it really does look nice so far, I don’t regret it at all because it will be something that will be nice for him to look at….it just maybe wasn’t the most time efficient thing to make….

I have done most items now but if I can I am still hoping to squeeze in at least 2 pairs of hand warmers, a hat…or 2, and a left hand mitten to match the right I have finished!….I should manage this and if I am lucky a few extra bits!

now you I am thinking that it is only 2 weeks (eek!) away now then the count down will stop! yaay!

but noooo, I am not falling for that false sense of security, we have family coming for Christmas for a few days, leaving late Christmas day so if I am lucky I will get until then, a whole 4 days 😀

and then it begins…all over again….the count down only a few weeks until… birthdays, both children are in January and my husband in the first few days of February….I can hear the frantic clicking now!! and the continues countdown!

and this is me so I will have lots of bits to knit up, just because I want to, no other reason other than having to always have something(s) on the go!

now please..and I am pleading… wish me luck…or at least join me in hoping that our kids don’t drive us insane with the countdown torture they seem use on us!


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