Slow Progress!

Both children out of the house today and I had thought it would be the perfect time to crack on with this jumper, well I ended up popping down to the shops to pick up the last few birthday pressies for my little monsters, they both needed new trousers! I am very impressed with myself though, we passed at least 3 shops selling wool and I didn’t go in any! I know one of these shops has a huge sale on Rowan!! oh the pain of just wheeling on by!! regretting it a little now as I usually just ‘pop in’ and I think there would have been some good bargain’s but I have a lot of yarn right now for the projects I want to do and it should…but won’t..get me trough the whole year! the thing is us knitters always want to do a ‘quick’ project and never have the right yarn!

I did a little knitting this afternoon and had hoped I could do a little once the children were home but my little Pixie keeps climbing up to me and giving me a ‘check up’ and a new  hair do! usually I would still manage to knit but as it is quite big and white I know I cant keep it out and play!

Is this how it will be all weekend, on the plus side it will mean I can get more other bits done and have more on the go at the same time but on the flip of that I can’t crack on with this jumper and it will drag on a bit longer! not that i have gotten to that stage yet but you know how it is after some time and you just feel you want it done!

I am still not sure it is going to plan, I don’t like the cast on edge, it doesn’t look quite right it look rather messy, it usually looks good but this time I am not sure on it! and it is quite looses so am worried it will loose it’s shape! but I am sticking with it for now to see how it goes.

I like to think I am not getting too distracted but I am only managing an average of around 1cm an hour! painfully slow, I did pick up the pace last night when I sat down with no distractions, maybe that is were I am going wrong, getting to distracted by the world around me!

yesterday I noticed that my middle finger on my lift hand keeps popping in and out as I knit, I hadn’t realized that I use this part of my hand while knitting and it turns out that I give the needles a sort of a push with the base of my finger as I’m knitting, I have come to realize over the last week, as my hands have been popping about, just how much our hands do when knitting, it is rather complex and it is no wonder we can feel quite tired after a long knitting day even though it feels as though we have just been sitting around!

another accomplishment of today was found in the book shop, we popped in to look at books for the children and some how ended up in the craft section looking at knitting and crochet book, I don’t know how this happened it is like we blinked and found ourselves there 😀 we saw a lovely book with ‘woodland’ knits in it and I have eyed up quite a few buts I would like to make for myself…maybe when i have completed the looooong list of things i want to do thins year!? still a good find for when i do need it….I NEED it now!!

This weekend will be a mix of knitting for me, the jumper when I can, the hat I started yesterday at the hospital and maybe I might start that scarf I was on about before I got ill!?


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