Trusting Myself With My Knitting!

The slow progress on this jumper has continued and to make matters worse I have gotten to about 8cm in and measured it, it is far too wide!! I am only on the side slits so could maybe bring it in by either decreasing stitches or reducing needle size? But that would be a big jump in size as it is about 14cm too big, It is frustrating as I went to all the effort of knitting swatches with different size needles and different thickness of yarn and even ones with different numbers of stitches! and it still came out too big, I guess that even a slightly too big swatch becomes far too big when it is over a large amount of stitches, 1mm over and by the thine you have cast on 100 stitches it can be 1cm extra or maybe more! if it was only one or even two cm I would carry on and not worry but this is far too big, although it will be just my luck for me to finish it and it be too small, when discussing it we did say bigger rather than smaller! still my thoughts are that this is too big! so here is what I am going to do,

I will keep the work I have already started, and cast on enough as to do one side, with smaller needles, then knit that up to about 10cm. At this length I will be able to measure it and see if I need to reduce the number of stitches hopefully resulting in a much better size jumper, after this I am not sure whether I will knit the other side up to match or start again on a whole new jumper, I suppose I will make the decision depending on how well the ‘test’ piece works out!?

I’m not that disappointed as I was quite unhappy with the cast on and it did seem rather loose so going down in needle size will help and I will use a cable cast on with the hope it will be neater, shouldn’t take too long to catch up again.

see how the stitches seem loose, and how bad the cast on is! (this is less than half the jumper!)

‘click’ the picture and you can see how the stitches seem loose, and how bad the cast on is! (this is less than half the jumper!)

The picture is half of the work I have done, I have knitted about 8cm and very much doubt I will be using it for the jumper now but what I might do is sew them together and make a scarf or blanket with it. I may even add to it? or make it into a poncho! I am not sure exactly what it will be but one thing is for sure, I am NOT ripping it back as I can use it for something!

The thing that I have learned is to go with my gut instinct and trust my experience with knitting, when I started out on this I had an idea of what size needle I wanted to use with the yarn and it turns out I was right! after doing the swatches I changed my mind and used the needles that seemed right, now it turns out I will be using the needles I had wanted to in the beginning! if I had gone with my first thoughts it would have been fine…I think!


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