Wedding Roses

As well as working on bunny patters I have been working on something that I thought would be a challenge to me,


You may know that crocheting is not something I find easy, I use it for boarders on my knitting, and I can manage some simple items such as items in the round and small toys, oh, and to stop saggy bottoms on bags I use a type of Tunisian crochet, but I am not very good at crochet and find I make many mistakes,

So when I was asked to make some Roses for a wedding I was a little worried! and I did think knitted would be easier but not as pretty!

We spent that day in the garden planting flowers and as I watched my children garden I took to crocheting up a rose, it took me quite a long time and turned out far too big, this is my first attempt at a rose and this is what I wanted the finished item to look like,

first crochet rose

first crochet rose

this is only part of the crochet as the whole thing was waaaay to big….felt like a bit of time was wasted but then I could look at how much I needed form this,

I have to admit I was…am… very proud of myself, after all I do say ‘I don’t crochet’

After this I tried a part knitted and part crochet one, and although it was pretty and looked nice it wasn’t quite as pretty as the crochet one, and I think bride to be thought the same….

knitted and crochet rose

knitted and crochet rose

So I made a pattern to the right size and took to the hook again, it was surprisingly quick and very enjoyable and using a cotton made it much nicer to work with, as well as getting a nice smooth look, rather than a fuzzy finish…

and here was the finished item, and very pleased I am! I just hope that the bride agrees!

crochet Rose for wedding

crochet Rose for wedding

now for some yellow ones!

wish me luck!

And if you are wanting to crochet and don’t feel like you are getting there, stick with it because It will turn out well in the end, you can do it!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 15:24:29

    Those are super cute.


  2. Megan-Anne
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 19:05:18

    I knit flowers for my sister’s wedding. It was soooo time consuming, but they ended up looking great.


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