Film Knits & Pattern Book

It has been a while since my last blog and even longer since anything knitting related, I have been cracking on with some lovely knits for a wedding, they have been lovely to knit but keeping me busy and quiet!

In the mean time I have received some lovely photos of my knits for the film “Tell Them Of Us” I have mentioned this project a few times before, there are hundreds of knitters (and crocheters) making items for this film and the items being made are absolutely lovely!

Here are a few of the items I made.

The black shawl for ‘Grace’ (on the left) I made this at the beginning of the year, with flu, this is still one of the knits I am most proud of mostly because I was soo ill when knitting it but still managed to knit it up withing a month! (though it was close!) you can really see here how wide and long this item is, it is over 5 foot (I think)

WW1, world war one, Rowan yarn, Centenary Stitches, pattern book, ww1 film, film knits, vintage knitting, vintage shawls, villager shawl/ knotted crossover, grace

The shawl on the right was crochet by Sam Braid, this is such a lovely shawl, it will be a very long time till my crochet is up to this standard!

And these two below are both from the same yarns (Debbie bliss), the villager shawl on the left I made a few months back, and the Knitted crossover is the item I posted recently! I love both of these so much! and the crossover, well I have just fallen in love with this, so may people have asked for one! and in various colours 🙂

crossover and shawl WW1, world war one, debbie bliss, Centenary Stitches, pattern book, ww1 film, film knits, vintage knitting, vintage shawls, villager shawl/ knotted crossover

There will be a book released to go along with the film it will have around 70 knits in it, I can’t wait to see it as I have fallen in love with so many items in the film!

I know at least one of the items I knitted will be in this pattern book, called “Centenary Stitches”

Centenary Stitchesmore book info- here

you can per-order the book – here


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