Knitted Decorations

It is quickly creeping up to that time of year. This year I am not knitting many yarnie gifts but I am making decorations!

I haven’t been feeling great over the last week so some simple knits to decorate have been just what I need to keep my spirits up, a lot of what I am knitting has been dictated to me by my son. I have to admit I did ask what would look good!

So here are a few things I have started,

I apologise for the white being so bright!

In our house we are Druid and celebrate the Winter Solstice, this is the shortest day of the year. It is on the 21/22 of December, we don’t have a traditional ‘advent’ calender/candles, but we do have a calender, we made this and there is something in each pocket for the children,

These are the first few items

advent solstice calendar

This has been good in our house as my son has had an intolerance to dairy till this year, that’s 8years, so we put small pieces of dark dairy free chocolate in, both my children are now ok with dairy, most of the time, but we still like to use dark choccy every day as this is said to be healthy 🙂

We thought that some ‘yarn’ chains would be good, like paper chains but knitted (or you could crochet them)

knitting chain paper chain

I just cast on 5 stitches knit till a good length and then join them in loops, but do remember to loop it trough another chain before sewing!

I have started some bunting, who doesn’t like bunting! This is simply done by increasing each end every 4 rows,

bunting pattern

And finally this heart banner/ bunting, I love this it sums up the loving time of year in our house!

heart bunting banner

I hope you are all doing well with you Christmas knits ?


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