Vertical striped stocking stitch blanket

The other day I posted about a Vertical striped blankets I made

These are very easy to make; the way I did this was by knitting up a series of tubes. This made the blanket double thickness – very snug and warm!

I love knitting in the round so these were perfect, I often knit hand warmers in the round and looking at two of my children’s hand warmers together looked good.

I think I used about 22 stitches (the same as the hand warmers) though I think I used bigger needles.

Then I took the tubes and sewed them together making it look seamless- this is how I did it.

sewing stocking stitch strips
lay the strip next to the knitting next to each other

sewing stocking stitch strips1
pick up the bar between the stitches

do this on both pieces of work, picking up each ‘bar’ along the row.

stitching both sides together
This stitches the two pieces together

push needle trough

pull yarn trough join
And pull yarn

seamless finish to knitting
This creates a flat seamless finish

sewing knitting stripes
Repeat this till all strips are sewn

This blanket has gotten me thinking, you could use strips of loom knitting to get the same affect?

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