Easy Garter Stitch Shawl

I have started a shawl for the summer, I knitted a black one for the WW1 film ‘Tell Them Of Us’

It was really snug and warm and I am told the film crew passed it around on very cold days to keep them warm!

It being summer I have gone with a looser knit but still very warm. Keeping the same pattern but the Larger needles giving a different look, and I will be using a different boarder.

It is all knitted in garter stitch so is a great and effective pattern for beginners, you knit a few rows in small needles then every few rows (you can pick how many you want to go with) you use a needle a good few sizes bigger, for this one I have gone for 2mm bigger but I think I would have liked to go a little larger!

I thought I would share a picture!

garter stitch shawl pattern

This knit is currently measuring about 46 inches and I still have a way to go! but it is very enjoyable and easy, iIhave found it a great knit to take out and about.

Give it a go, you can decide how wide you would like it I currently have about 90 stitches and it is quite wide, which is what I wanted, you can use any wool and by checking the gauge band you can work out how many stitches you would like to get your desired width, it will say Xst for 10cm (sometimes for 15)

Good Luck


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