Fabric Painting Mermaid Shells!

I posted the other day the fabric painted shell tops they were really simple and easy to do

this is how I did it

keep in mind when it drys these do NOT stretch!! I made a top for my self, I didn’t stretch it when painting so the shells came out smaller then I had intended and did not stretch!

I have used other paints in the past that do stretch, but I think these ones are better for colour and a much wider range too!

I made a shell template

fabric pen

Then drew around it with a fabric pen

mermaid shell

These are the paints I used

fabric paints

Then just paint away

fabric paint afro!

I had to take a picture at this point because i think it kinda looks like an Afro!

afro shell

I just filled it in with the blue one, then with the other bottles (the taller ones) I added to it

The taller bottles are designed to draw & write straight on to things however because I wanted an all over glitter effect so I just painted in on over the blue 😀

mermaid shell fabric paint a

And for this one put some green with the writing one over the top edge!

For the other shell I think I used a little green on the shells too, you can mix them together you don’t just have to use it do draw, they mix really well with the ‘normal’ fabric paints 😀

Then with the glitter one I drew shell lines on, which worked quite well

mermaid shell b

I think I will add more detail to this one, maybe both but for now we are happy with them.

With my eds it isn’t the greatest and I did find it hard squeezing the bottles to draw, however I did find, with the glitter one, that if I went wrong I just removed that line with a paint brush and started again, as I had glitter all over anyway it worked out ok,

here are my shells, as you can see not quite in the right place and too small!

mermaid shells wonkey

I do think I will still wear this around the house – why not 😉

End shells

mermaid shell c

mermaid shell d

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