About Me

well this is the bit we all hate right, or is it just me? I’m not really good at talking about myself, so we’ll start with the name, I am bendy, I have Ehlers-danlos syndrome (EDS) as well as fibromyalgia/central centralization and other chronic medical conditions complicate things, but I am much more bendy then your average ‘double jointed’ person…thing is I can put my foot on my head, most of the time it’s no problem, but every hour of the day I am in pain, we don’t talk about it much or dwell on it, we try to look at the positives, and for me it is knitting, yes it hurts sometimes but I have given up so much and refuse to give up knitting till I have to!

well enough about the boring stuff, I am a mum of two, I love to knit for the two of them, I am a wife of the most wonderful man (just want to state here that it could have just as easily been a woman he just happened to come along and I fell for him!) he crochets more than knits and I love to knit things he asks for.

more recently i have been thinking about my artistic side, before i started knitting quite so much i panted, and dyed fabrics, making batiks and other things, so in the future i am hoping to move back towards art trough knitting and still make some fab garments along the way.

I have taught my 3year old to knit (she could knit at 2) and my 8year old as well as working with my sons school to teach the children, I love it and it is amazing how quick they pick it up!

I love knitting and designing patterns, and I love to help out with my skills were ever I can, making boobies for local breastfeeding mums, or mum’s to be, and knitting to raise money for school,  if there is some charity that needs something knitted weather it be to raise money, make blankets or some other project going then I will try to do my bit.

I like helping people learn weather it is to knit from scratch or learn a new technique.

Oh, and I like my bendy needles a lot!

I’m sure anything else you will find out by reading….

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