New Forest Fairy Festival 2016

we had another lovely weekend at The New Forest Fairy Festival, lots of fun learning new skills with Gypsy Pyskeys, meeting great fairy’s and elfs, basking in the sun, and so much more, just the right spot to be in on such a lovely weekend

Most of our outfits were made by Peregrine’s Nest, …little fae fairy dress, skirt, trousers and yes that tail…

petle skirt

pic for faery ferlicity

When we were packing up the car my little fae drew this for fairy Felicity


hooping work shop Gypsy Pyksy

hooping sucess

double hoops

great fun hooping with Gypsy Pyksy’s

kitty tail

Lovely furry tail (made by me…trousers made by peregrine’s nest)


tree man

Lunch break
Lunch break

peddle power
peddle power


ribbon fun

Ribbon fun


fun on stilts
fun on banana boots!

uni cycle

snail race
snail race

woodland folk
woodland folk

pixie faery

people cleaners
cleaned with people cleaners

fairy wishing

saying our goodbyes


new forest fairy Fest day
great weekend with fairies

Dreamcatcher wheels 2016

I often decorate my wheelchair wheels, the start of the new season for me is 3 wishes faery fest (2015 wheels here) I like to have new things on my wheels for then, and make sure they are still up to scratch for summer holidays, during the holidays we go to the new forest fairy festival well we did last year and will be this weekend, I thought I would share my current wheels 😀

dream catcher wheels

National Marine Aquarium


Another trip out for our tribe was the National Marine Aquarium learning about all the things wet and scaly! My little mer-fae loved it and my steampunker loved it more than I thought he would, we have visited here many times over the years, we lived right by it so on the way home from town, uni, preschool, we would take a stroll through, it was (is) a great dry place for a walk and when I was pregnant with my little mer-fae it was a favourite, they use to play whale noise (no longer so) and she loved it! When I was in the early stages of labour we took a waddle around to try and help things along.

We haven’t been in some time and a lot had changed, it was well worth the visit!


the staff were great

staff at National Marine Aquarium

big tanks!

National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium shark

National Marine Aquarium ray

National Marine Aquarium tank

Every time we visit we have to have pics with the jelly fish!

National Marine Aquarium jelly fish

National Marine Aquarium jelly fish

we were luck this time and got to see the turtle 😀

National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium turtle


Challaborough beach

We live Right by the sea, big built up city with amazing views of the sea, lots of areas around us are cliff edges, or stony beaches, but you do not have to go far to feel the sand between your toes and the cool lush waves, we took a trip out to one of my Favourite beaches when I was a tiny Mermaid, it was warm but cloudy, having said that some of our group managed to get sun burn! it was great for disabled access as there is a slope and I think you can borrow beach wheelchairs!

the sea is such a big wide free space which us mermaids would love to explore!


Sand between the toes….and everywhere else!


Bury me…..

beach bury

for lunch!


tribe kisses!

beach kisses

the gods gave us rocks to chill on

rock lounge

and sand for burying brothers in after getting a sand shower!

burying brothers in sand

great day, great memories!

Away With The Faeries 2016

We had another amazing weekend away with the faeries!

This was our 4th year and we know for sure we will be back again next year 😀

This year was lovely, I usually take loads of photos. This year I did take hundreds but I found I got caught up with having fun being a mer-fae and chatting to friends that I have made over the years

It Is lovely to have a meet up with everyone and meet new people who are coming for the time, after a year or so of going I found that I started seeing the same faces and recognising people, as the years have gone on some of those people have become good friends for us and the children. You do find yourself wondering were some of the people who have been over the years are if you dont see them.

We love seeing the stallholders and food vendors, who come year after year it is always lovely to see them and recognise each other, I am amazed that some of the regular entertainers recognise the children, not just mine others too, it makes it extra special for them, you can see their faces light up with happiness that they have been remembered!

Now we are home and washed some of the faerydust away, I find myself reflecting on it and really being happy that we have a place we can go and relax and just be who we want to be!

I am of course exhausted, I have my wheelchair with me, for me just attending is tiring, BUT I wouldn’t change that for anything, I danced a little and hurt a lot after, major leg, back and hip cramps now, and it may set me back a little…I would do it all again, and I will next year! (if i can) I selected who I would dance to carefully so I didn’t use up all my spoons! (energy) and this year I had the amazing help of my smart crutches! this was great it meant I could stand and have support and dance a little, not really moving me feet or jumping about but still feeling more free to dance with less pain! I really do recommend them.

I have a few photos to share, not as many of costumes as I would have liked as I was just soooo relaxed and happy and in the moment of being with friends and care free, I just didn’t feel the need to keep snapping away, I will share most of these soon, but for now I need a lot of rest and recovery before I share our memories Karen Kay has given us with 3 wishes faery festival!

here are a few just for now

time for tea


3 wishes faery fest fairy willow

3 Wishes faery fest bubbles

3 Wishes faery fest huge bubbles

3 Wishes faery fest stage

Making Furry Ears!

So today we are dressed as Mythical Creatures at 3 Wishes Faery Festival!

Last year I did make some cat ears for 3 wishes as part of a Cheshire cat outfit, for this years 3 wishes both pretzel boy and peregrine needed furry ears, one pair for a uni-kitty and pretzel boy is  wanting fox ears, so off with the yarn I went!

I started off with some shop bought ears


pearl ears

Then I added furry yarn, for pretzel boy, it was really handy having the structure and holes. I just covered them untill I could no longer see the purls.

red fox ears furry yarn

For the uni-kitty ears I used furry yarn to cover the head band, and knitted a triangle which I attached to the ear flowers.

uni-kitty ears

uni-kitty ears a

kitty ears

then all that was left to do was attach the unicorn horn! Peregrine’s nest made this!

unicor unikitty head band

looking forward to seeing these with the rest of the outfit, will post pics after the festival…as we are fearying….or uni-kittying around right now 🙂

Fabric Painting A Faery Top

My two previous posts (1 & 2) were of fabric painted shell tops, these were made because I had the paints out for this project.

Not really sure what we wanted to paint on I just went with how I felt, sometimes this can be risky but I think the outcome was just about ok with this one.

As before I drew pictures on with a fabric pen (this washes off)

fabric paint butterfly and flowers

Then I coloured them in

fabric paint butterfly and flowers a

Not sure if you can tell in the picture (click to make it bigger) but I used some of the green ‘drawing / writing paint’ with the blue paint to make the colours of the butterfly’s fade blue-green a little.

I can’t wait to see this in action, I made it for peregrine’s nest who has made some other items to go with this (including HUGE wings!!)

Festival preperation

here in the TBK house hold we will be spending the next week preparing for 3 wishes faery fest!!
we are very excited! and have received our tickets now!!
so lots of sewing, stitching and costume making to be finished!
and lots to keep us busy!
I have talked about how we have dressed in the past and that we use a combination of shop bought and home crafted items, this year is the usual mixture of both, I have shop bought dresses with hand sewn/ knitted items to compliment and then one extra special outfit!
can’t wait to show our faery makes after the event!

I feel like since half term started I haven’t stopped and I can now feel it is all catching up with me, so have taken a few days to rest so I am good for the weekend, I probably won’t blog much – if at all- till after the weekend. so if you are going it will be good to see you, if not have a great weekend, and maybe see you next year!?

Colourful May Knit – Pictures So Far!

I have been sharing my colourful knit I was working on during may, this is my own pattern though there are lots of similar ones out there.

I have nearly finished this it needs blocking then is ready to go, I love this because it is easy to get on and off, with my EDS I often struggle to get cardigans on, but this is easier with the low mobility I have.

I will defiantly be making more of these, I loved making it and while knitting I was thinking of the different colour combinations I would use, I would love to knit these for people as I enjoyed it so much!

I think i will call them ‘Festival Waistcoats’ or something similar.

This one will be for 3 wishes faery fest in a few weeks

Festival Waistcoat 1

Festival Waistcoat 2

for when it gets chilli

Festival Waistcoat 3

and the back, I realise now that maybe I should have moved the hair!?

Festival Waistcoat back

A Little About My Allergies

I am one of those people who has many allergies, the sort of person who tells you what things they are allergic to and you wonder “are you REALLY allergic to that much stuff”

The thing with me is that although I can list off some of the things I am allergic to most of the time it is second nature and I won’t always remember until it is right in front of me. Take bananas for example, I now mention I am allergic when we are talking about them but I wouldn’t include it when listing off allergies, bananas make me violently sick, as does peas!!

About a year ago I tried a banana to see if I really was allergic…. well let’s just say I won’t be trying them again!

So I am fairly careful with foods, a lot of the time I don’t know what has triggered a reaction so I just have to deal with it, once we had a roast dinner and I had a reaction, what was that about!?

About 12 years ago I discovered my horrendous stomach pains I had experienced most of my life and thorough my teenage years was due to gluten, I spent many days off school with people thinking I was ‘faking it’ all because of gluten this also contributed to my skin breaking out in a rash, I still get eczema but not the same reaction as after I have eaten a bowl of pasta. I turned to gluten free foods and feel so much better for it, not just stomach and skin but in myself, I have more energy which is important as with my EDS I suffer with fatigue a lot.

Gluten is not a severe allergy, I can still breath and do some things, but I can’t leave the house and it interferes with life.

Sometimes I react badly to random things that I think are ‘safe’ yesterday was one of those days i had a severe reaction to a gluten free food, it was a fibre roll and this was the first time I had one, to start with it was just a mild reaction of itchy mouth, quite uncountable, but something I get a lot so I just got on with sorting though some yarn, within an hour or so I was feeling sick couldn’t breathe well and was very red and swollen, I felt like my ears would bust I had so many symptoms all of which were unpleasant, as  I could just about breath we ended up at the docs he prescribed steroids, anti-sickness tablets (which I took straight away, in the car) and extra antihistamines, all of which did the trick eventually – when I got home I was packed off to bed by my husband, who kept me drugged up and hydrated.

I am feeling much better today, still feeling a bit unwell, and have a massive headache but on the mend.

With the help of a friend (Cynthia) we figured out it could be the ‘veg fibre’ used in the bread, she had told me that sometimes they use pea fibre…. well that is something we know I am allergic to! And the doc agreed that it was probably the veg fibre so has put in my notes that I have a severe allergy to the rolls.

I have a new epipen now as mine was out of date! Although they do advise not to use it if I can avoid it and it would mean going to A&E. Last time I did this with an anaphylactic reaction they told me to take an extra antihistamine (and tried to give me meds that for me induce seizures) I was told to wait in the waiting room, they left me for 4+ hours without checking on me, not going through that again unless I have to!

A few lessons I have learned is, make sure…doubly sure, your epipen is in date! And even if you think a food is safe double check the item, just because it is ‘free from’ doesn’t always mean it is free from for you! I have seen lots of items that are free from but still contain a flour made from nuts without a nut warning, so please check.

I think as I have been managing my allergies fairly well maybe I needed a wakeup call to be careful, and keep checking items (though I did check the rolls and didn’t think that it would be that bad!)

And most importantly seek help when you need – don’t wait! A tingle in the mouth can quickly turn into something much worse so please don’t wait!



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