Patons Colour Block Jacket Book 3756

With another baby due to be born in to our family we had a think about what would be nice for the baby, Peregrine’s nest decided to make a dress and I thought I would knit up a cardigan, I already had a few things on the go with a deadline so thought, for now at least, something simple would be best. I opted for this lovely patons jacket/cardi.

In the original pattern it is knitted in lots of colours which I love! But decided to go with a soft pink/purple colour throughout.

I ended up using stylecraft special DK, I love this yarn, I use it for a lot of projects, it is soft, good quality and comes in loads of colours!

This pattern is REALLY good for beginners as it has little (no) shoulder shaping and simple decreases for the front and sleeves. One thing I did find is that I didn’t need as many buttons and I chose not to add the top one.

Also because it was for a new born baby I wanted as few seams as possible so I joined the shoulders with Kitchener stitch and made seamless (in the round) sleeves

It wasn’t long befog I had knitted up this cute tiny cardi!

patons colour block jacket book 3756

I also made this blanket (patons fab DK)

vertical stripe baby blanket 2

I have made a few of these and posted about them before.



Cheshire Cat Outfit

As you may know by now every year we go to 3 wishes faery festival to celebrate summer solstice, last year I made Peregrine a Cheshire cat outfit apart from the ears all items were worked in the round with a different amount of stitches.

I used some lovely fluffy yarn (stylecraft eskimo)

I made a tail

Cheshire cat tail

Some hand warmers

Cheshire cat hand warmers

Some legwarmers

Cheshire cat leg warmers

Some ears

Cheshire cat ears

And even some wings!

Cheshire cat wings

I really liked making this costume! looking back at this is making me excited for this years evend, I am currently working on costumes for this year 😀

Lost My Bloging Mojo

I have somewhat lost my knitting mojo, at the moment I am not sure what to blog about, I have not had a great month with health and family things, along with the usual EDS and the allergic reaction I had the other day. I have also had swollen gland doctor thinks it is an infection somewhere but my body it doing the right thing so just waiting it out for now.

All this time I have been knitting my colourful knit, I am loving it, although I do wish I did not have quite so many ends, seems to be a lot to tie in, I am about 75% through on this one, really happy with the colours but I am still not quite sure about it, I think it is one of those items that you are not sure about till the end!

Having said that I must be fairly happy with it as I am already thinking of making another one! Hopefully someone will want one…

colourfull festival knit b

colourfull festival knit c

The yarn I am using is really nice to knit with, it is a cotton and bamboo mix, I think I will have to track down more yarns with bamboo as it is really smooth and lovely to knit with. It’s really warm and almost comforting to knit, I think that it is giving me a happy feeling on dull days with thoughts of what is to come during the warmer months and on bright days it really is making me think of fun sunny bright days, the knit itself rather looks like the colours you may see on a lovely sunny summers day, on a day trip, I am looking forward to more days out 😀

I have found myself thinking about other knits I could make but have not noted them down yet, never a good idea as I forget till it is too late and have run out of time…. wander what will be next!

A Colourful May Update

Well I know I have got lots of projects to be getting on with at the moment but I really couldn’t resist starting a few more, and something for myself

I made these lovely hand warmers, I have a few of these so if anyone is interested in buying a pair just drop me an e-mail!

Festival hand warmers
perfect for summer festivals

And I made this 20cm x 20cm baby snuggly too that is up for grabs, I can do these in most colours if anyone is interested, I am thinking bright ones would be nice?

baby snuggly

Now I am first to admit my crochet skills are not the best but I am enjoying this blanket, this also doesn’t have a home yet, I am quite a bit further along than the picture but I haven’t finished it…..

Ripple blanket
ripple blanket

Then my current favourite item is this! And for now I will leave you guessing!?

colourfull festival knit

Amazing Fae Weekend!

Well we had a blast over the weekend at 3wishes faery fest, we met some amazing people and the inspiration everywhere was AMAZING! everyone was so lovely and with me being in a wheelchair the help people gave and offered was much appreciated!

Most importantly I really want my husband to know how much I appreciated him wheeling me around and looking after all of us, we are very lucky to have him caring for us so well xxx

I had hoped to come back and write about my weekend with a few photos but to put everything in just one blog post would make it HUGE! and I am so exhausted from the fun we had! So I will do a few posts with our magical fun!

For now I will leave you with these two photos taken on our last day while the sun was starting to set.

Knitted Pin Wheel

Knitted Pin Wheel

Crochet mandala

Crochet mandala

As you can see one side is knitted and the other crochet, I am super pleased with myself for the crochet side as I really do NOT think of myself as a ‘good’ crocheter but I managed this fine 😀

Each one took me about a day or two…with other stuff in between…like packing!

I am also wearing a shawl which is the same pattern as the one I knitted for the film (I will be making more of these for those who want one)

The hand warmers I made from playing about with yarn a few weeks back,

And I am not sure if you can see, under my hands is a bag with all my faery bits and bobs in 😀

I hope everyone had a great mid summer weekend, the weather was great, perfect for solstice!

Blessed Be xx

Artist Before Knitter!

I am not sure if this is a surprise or not and I would think it is fairly safe to say that most knitters are very crafty, the knitters I have met often like many other crafts such as paper crafts, needle point, painting, working with clay….I could go on endlessly bout you get my drift…

Well I always think I was an artist first! my real passion is Batik, l love everything from getting the wax right for the project to the way you can work with colours, and along side that I love painting too, often my paintings and batiks would be in a set, one of each, and often a big set of different colours…

There is a way of working with dyes that you just cant get with anything else and I can sit for hours and hours working with them!

Another craft i love is sewing but the artist in me always used my sewing skills to produce art rather than making clothes!

The problem for me came when having children, hot wax and children really don’t mix well, and always on the go art no longer fitted into my lifestyle 😦

And this was when I took up knitting again,Knitting really did fit into that on-the-go parenting and i took it everywhere with me, i even breastfed while knitting and i am sure the motion helped sooth my little one,

I started with garments and moved onto creating my own things on the needles, I love it and I get board easily if I’m not making patterns or working in colour!

The last few months have gotten me thinking, I have felt the artist in me awakening, and ideas coming into my head, popping up when I least expect it…then out came the ‘old’ art works and off my little mind went with splashes of colour and fab designs, paintings and batiks inspired by artists, nature, and architecture…

I love making garments and they are really practical, and you can do so much with the yarn available to us but I feel like I am being held back and not stretching myself, my creativity is being held back and it is a constant battle to stop myself getting carried away!

I feel it really shouldn’t be this way, I am always the first to say,

just pick up your needles and yarns and see where they take you

The possibility’s are endless and I do believe that going with the flow will produce something amazing

I have a jam packed knitting year this year, I am making things ww1 related, knitting for a wedding, general knits for family members (dressing gown and jumpers) and over 80 knits for a charity project I suggested, and with other Charity items and things people are asking me to knit I have little time to be artistic, don’t get me wrong I am loving doing these things and I have to admit I am in my element.

I absolutely love being busy with knitting!

However being this busy doesn’t have to mean that I can’t make plans and come up with ideas, and by the time next year is here I think the artist in me will be fully awakened,

And I know just what my first project will be!

Colour Matching Yarn To Garments

One of the hardest things to do when knitting up items is colour match something perfectly!

There are so many shades of one colour out there that you would have thought it would be a piece ‘o’ cake, but by the time you have chosen the weight and the type of yarn, in my case DK cotton, you are then faced with the challenging task of picking the shade to match!

I was looking for a cotton in yellow to match a stunning yellow dress, so off I trotted (or wheeled) in to town to look for exactly what I wanted….there are at least 8 shops to buy wool/yarn from near me, I had researched what I wanted and had one particular brand in mind, and a second back up the best thing was I knew one of the shops stocked that brand 🙂 and two stocked the back up

When I arrived at the shop they had many colours in the brand I wanted but not the one I want, and they said they can get it but only in bulk and I would have to buy the lot! 😮

So off i went to shop after shop and i could not for the life of me find a suitable colour to match,

And i am sure you can understand my horror when I was told mY back up brand had discontinued the colour!!

In the end I settled for this….. but I was not overly happy!

Not Quite Matching!

Not Quite Matching!

so I took to finding the yarn I had wanted, I knew that it was hard to find and possibly been discontinued, the problem was that I had only ever seen pictures of it and sometimes the colour is not what is expected when it arrives! but this was a risk I was willing to take, after all one can never have too much yarn! and I am certain I will find a use for it! lots of ideas then ran thought my mind 😀

After some hard work I managed to track down what I was hoping would be a lovely matching cotton!

And it arrived by post safe and sound…..



I am so pleased I made the effort to find the right match and didn’t just settle for something close!

It really can be a pain to track down exactly what you want BUT when it works out you really feel it was well worth the effort!


How to Knit Vertical Stripes

I have recently started working with more than one colour on each row, practising my fair isle and colour work more then the odd few stripes,

I am knitting a gift for someone and thought I would make some stripes but didn’t want to make stripes going across I wanted them to go up/down, and this is how…

it is one of the first things to learn if you want to start colour work, just gives you a feel for changing colour,

you need two colours I have one multi coloured (the red/yellow bit) and one green


you need to pick up the yarn further away from the needle tip (on mine it is the green)

knit this colour


your colour position should change (my green is now closer to the tip on the right hand needle)


again pick up the colour furthest from the tip, my multi coloured one (red/yellow) and knit this


by doing this you are alternating your yarn using a different one for each stitch and creating lines going up/down

hopefully it should all line up and look like this


as you practice you will develop your own technique and speed up, if you can knit in continental as well as ‘English’ then you could have one colour knitting as English and the other as continental, I tend to do this if I have longer stretches of colour

for this alternating colour i just knit with both yarn in my right hand using the front and back of my finger to guide the yarn

one colour in front of finger and one behind so that your finger is in between the two yarn’s


this picture is on a purl row but works just the same with a knit

all your colours should be stacked on top of each other so just make sure the colour you are going to knot with matches the stitch your needle is going in to,

good luck x

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