wonder to Mount Edgcumbe

This week we had clan (family) come and we took them to some of our favourite places, and that wasn’t even the start of it! We have so many local woods, moorland and more that we could have ventured out to

As you may know already we go to 3 wishes faery fest every year and it is help very local to us, so when the faerys are not strolling amongst us we still pop over to faery land and have a wonder to Mount Edgcumbe

my two spent some of the day being mounting goats


Running around


finding huge trees!

huge tree

hugging trees

tree hugging

 looking at the amazing flowers Mount Edgcumbe has to offer,


lovey day out strolling and walking,

walking in gardensa

we often take picnics here

busy start to summer

we have a super busy tribe for the last few weeks, as I have mentioned in previous posts about bike riding, Pretzel boy had an amazing trip away on a trip that was about sustainable transport, so he took the train, bike, sail boat, all sorts, this is great for him as he loves this topic, and it is why we have an electric car! Keeping our planet clean is important to us!
our son has now started sailing so once a week he is off on a sail boat,


we have been enjoying all the fun things that are near where we live, I have talked before about how you can enjoy summer from your doorstep, you really don’t have to go far from home to have fun in the sun, sure it is nice to get away, but one day it dawned on us that there are so many amazing places near us and we never take advantage of them, so we vowed to start, ever since then we have been out and explored them! Walking in woods and moorland and visiting beaches and gardens and realising how amazing our planet is! Mother nature is wonderful and seeing her seasons turn all around us is magical!

mount edgecome


Eden project

National Marine Aquarium

ancient greek day costume!

Greek day finally arrives and we are prepared!

tomorrow is Greek day at school and we are ready, I didn’t exactly do much other than making some quick wrist warmers and a thin belt but it has made my son happy

we have had a great week making his mask and even made a shield, he is so enthusiastic about this topic that I want to do everything we can to encourage him

he wanted to go as a Greek hero so we added a waist coat and wrist warmers to his outfit, which are meant to be like armour to protect hero’s,

he wanted to do a Zues mask or possibly Posidon, I have to admit I liked Posidon more, so much more imagination for it and his idea were great, zues seems a little boring to make as he mostly just looks like a man! but in the end the most important thing was that he made what he wanted and he was happy! and we had fun!

the outfit was fairly simple!

ancient Greek man with zues mask, made with poster paint, lots of glue and glitter, pipe cleaners and wool.


we decided he does look a bit like a JEDI! cuffs/wrist warmers made with brown and yellow yarn, crochet belt to hold it in place and the t-shirt was an adult medium


with a waist coat (we bought as a result of going to the 3 Wishes Faery Fest in Cornwall)l we made a Hero of him! (I think the idea is that he looks like Hercules!)


so if your little ones are having a Greek day (or any dressing up) why not let there ideas run and see what you can make to suit there imagination!

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