New Forest Fairy Festival 2016

we had another lovely weekend at The New Forest Fairy Festival, lots of fun learning new skills with Gypsy Pyskeys, meeting great fairy’s and elfs, basking in the sun, and so much more, just the right spot to be in on such a lovely weekend

Most of our outfits were made by Peregrine’s Nest, …little fae fairy dress, skirt, trousers and yes that tail…

petle skirt

pic for faery ferlicity

When we were packing up the car my little fae drew this for fairy Felicity


hooping work shop Gypsy Pyksy

hooping sucess

double hoops

great fun hooping with Gypsy Pyksy’s

kitty tail

Lovely furry tail (made by me…trousers made by peregrine’s nest)


tree man

Lunch break
Lunch break

peddle power
peddle power


ribbon fun

Ribbon fun


fun on stilts
fun on banana boots!

uni cycle

snail race
snail race

woodland folk
woodland folk

pixie faery

people cleaners
cleaned with people cleaners

fairy wishing

saying our goodbyes


new forest fairy Fest day
great weekend with fairies

Cheshire Cat Outfit

As you may know by now every year we go to 3 wishes faery festival to celebrate summer solstice, last year I made Peregrine a Cheshire cat outfit apart from the ears all items were worked in the round with a different amount of stitches.

I used some lovely fluffy yarn (stylecraft eskimo)

I made a tail

Cheshire cat tail

Some hand warmers

Cheshire cat hand warmers

Some legwarmers

Cheshire cat leg warmers

Some ears

Cheshire cat ears

And even some wings!

Cheshire cat wings

I really liked making this costume! looking back at this is making me excited for this years evend, I am currently working on costumes for this year 😀

Pirate Knitted Crossover

A few weeks ago we went to pirate day, we had lots of fun doing pirate things and doing treasure hunts, but it was cold, very cold, I wore a lovely shawl I knitted and some arm warmers, unfortunately none of us thought to take a photo of me!

We did however get to take a photo of my son wearing his knitted crossover!

I knitted one of these for the film “tell them of us” a WW1 film and we love them, I did a blog post about how they are good items to ‘grow into’

This is a really easy knit, all in garter stitch making it a great pattern for beginners.

What I hadn’t realised is how well this looks when it is part of a pirate costume!

pirate knitted crossover

It does fit down snuggly over his arms covering his shoulders but Pretzel boy had been flinging his arms around so it bunched up, he was happy with it that way though

pirate knitted crossover costume

Going back to last summer my little faery borrowed this when we were at the new forest faery festival, she was 4 and it fitted her really well, she chose to wear is a little differnly and this is another great way to wear it!

knitted crossover shawl

knitted crossover shawl a

as you can imagine it was hard to get a picture as she was on the go!

knitted crossover shawl b

I will be making her her own one of these, I have bought some lovely Rowan wool for it, but finding the time is a whole other thing!


Lost My Bloging Mojo

I have somewhat lost my knitting mojo, at the moment I am not sure what to blog about, I have not had a great month with health and family things, along with the usual EDS and the allergic reaction I had the other day. I have also had swollen gland doctor thinks it is an infection somewhere but my body it doing the right thing so just waiting it out for now.

All this time I have been knitting my colourful knit, I am loving it, although I do wish I did not have quite so many ends, seems to be a lot to tie in, I am about 75% through on this one, really happy with the colours but I am still not quite sure about it, I think it is one of those items that you are not sure about till the end!

Having said that I must be fairly happy with it as I am already thinking of making another one! Hopefully someone will want one…

colourfull festival knit b

colourfull festival knit c

The yarn I am using is really nice to knit with, it is a cotton and bamboo mix, I think I will have to track down more yarns with bamboo as it is really smooth and lovely to knit with. It’s really warm and almost comforting to knit, I think that it is giving me a happy feeling on dull days with thoughts of what is to come during the warmer months and on bright days it really is making me think of fun sunny bright days, the knit itself rather looks like the colours you may see on a lovely sunny summers day, on a day trip, I am looking forward to more days out 😀

I have found myself thinking about other knits I could make but have not noted them down yet, never a good idea as I forget till it is too late and have run out of time…. wander what will be next!

My Colourful Mystery Knit

We’ve had a busy week and weekend so not much knitting stitched here,

I have managed more on my colourful knit, I am liking the variegated yarn a lot

Here is my progress –

colourfull festival knit a

colourfull festival knit mix

Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

As some of you may know it was children in need yesterday, this is where the whole country comes together to donate money for children charities across the uk, the theme this year is super heroes, my son dressed up as The Doctor, this is great but he dresses like this most days!

the doctoe nov 2014

I did attempt to get him to tuck his shirt in but apparently this is how it is meant to be….humm not sure i would agree. This evening I raised the subject matter of how the waistcoat was too small now; he was having none of it despite him saying how he’d had it for so many years! The amount of times we have said he can’t wear it again! Well I have lost count, it is not like it is his only waist coat he has quite a few more. I have to say though for a child’s item that you wouldn’t expect them to wear much it has lasted well. It has been put through a lot and stood up to the test of time!

What I really wanted to write about is this ‘Super Girl’ outfit, we asked my daughter what super girl wears so she reeled off; a skirt, a bag, a belt and a bracelet, this was already on top of a cape which is a given!!

I knew I could not knit this one up in a few days, and my sewing ability is not what it used to be, so sewing has been handed over to my husband. He has done a few simple sewing items but never a big outfit like this, and we had to use all up cycled items as we only had items in the house.

This is what he sewed up

super girl nov 2014

I cannot say how impressed I am, although my husband knows he has a long way to go till he is making fine garments this is an amazing attempt at something that is quite complicated, and his first time at anything more than patching up things. Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

So he deserves a very big well done, I can’t wait to see what is next!

I knitted up the bag, my daughter chose the colours as we knitted, letting me know just how much and in what order, and the sash was made with the scraps I had in my box, I loved working on this with my husband and my daughter. She loved her outfit and loved being a part of it, helping to choose how it was made, and when asked who made it she very proudly announced ‘Daddy’ 😀

centenary stitches

You may have heard me mention the pattern book for the items I have been knitting recently, this is for the film ‘tell them of us’ many people have put a lot of work into this pattern book and it looks like it is going to be fab!

There are loads of pictures to look at and loads more have just been added, just a taster of the knits that you will be able to knit up yourself have a look for your self in this lovely Gallery.

Film Knits & Pattern Book

It has been a while since my last blog and even longer since anything knitting related, I have been cracking on with some lovely knits for a wedding, they have been lovely to knit but keeping me busy and quiet!

In the mean time I have received some lovely photos of my knits for the film “Tell Them Of Us” I have mentioned this project a few times before, there are hundreds of knitters (and crocheters) making items for this film and the items being made are absolutely lovely!

Here are a few of the items I made.

The black shawl for ‘Grace’ (on the left) I made this at the beginning of the year, with flu, this is still one of the knits I am most proud of mostly because I was soo ill when knitting it but still managed to knit it up withing a month! (though it was close!) you can really see here how wide and long this item is, it is over 5 foot (I think)

WW1, world war one, Rowan yarn, Centenary Stitches, pattern book, ww1 film, film knits, vintage knitting, vintage shawls, villager shawl/ knotted crossover, grace

The shawl on the right was crochet by Sam Braid, this is such a lovely shawl, it will be a very long time till my crochet is up to this standard!

And these two below are both from the same yarns (Debbie bliss), the villager shawl on the left I made a few months back, and the Knitted crossover is the item I posted recently! I love both of these so much! and the crossover, well I have just fallen in love with this, so may people have asked for one! and in various colours 🙂

crossover and shawl WW1, world war one, debbie bliss, Centenary Stitches, pattern book, ww1 film, film knits, vintage knitting, vintage shawls, villager shawl/ knotted crossover

There will be a book released to go along with the film it will have around 70 knits in it, I can’t wait to see it as I have fallen in love with so many items in the film!

I know at least one of the items I knitted will be in this pattern book, called “Centenary Stitches”

Centenary Stitchesmore book info- here

you can per-order the book – here

“One Size Fits All”

The Knitted crossover I posted yesterday really is “One Size Fits All”

On an adult it feels more like an extra warm Knitted shawl it keeps you much warmer than a shawl and is snug,almost like a shawl being warped around you but you don’t have to pit it, or worry about it falling off!

On a child it is more like a jumper, that feeling every mother wants to give to a child when they are cold, just wrap them up all snug and warm in a blanket, this gives that sort of comforting and loving feel!

What I like about this garment is that it is so comfortable to wear and it does not restrict movement at all. You can wear this doing almost anything, often shawls can slip or restrict how you move but this is great!

Great for busy mums, or people who move about a lot, in my minds eye I can see a farm girl milking a cow or going about farm work in this!

I really do love it and I look forward to making more of them for people of all ages!

This is on an adult

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film, knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge

This is the crossover/ shawl on an 8year old, as you can see it fits nicely and he can move his arms about fine, and on a child the back really is more shawl like, similar to the triangular shawls (he didn’t seem to mind the edging but said on his he doesn’t want edging…seems i am making him one!)

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edgeDebbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And finally how lovely it looks on a 3 year old, I think this looks really nice, like a really snug jumper, I can see a mother in the early 1900’s, walking along with a cold child in the wind,taking her knitted crossover off and warping her child in it so they stay warm.

She could really move about in it too!


I was a little worried that it would restrict arms but it is fine

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And it looks lovely from the back too

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

I love this because of so many reasons, but one that sticks in my mind is that I can make it for children as well as adults and for children it will last them their whole life! a lovely item that will stay with them as they grow!

I will be sad to send this off for filming, but then I have said that about every item!

ancient greek day costume!

Greek day finally arrives and we are prepared!

tomorrow is Greek day at school and we are ready, I didn’t exactly do much other than making some quick wrist warmers and a thin belt but it has made my son happy

we have had a great week making his mask and even made a shield, he is so enthusiastic about this topic that I want to do everything we can to encourage him

he wanted to go as a Greek hero so we added a waist coat and wrist warmers to his outfit, which are meant to be like armour to protect hero’s,

he wanted to do a Zues mask or possibly Posidon, I have to admit I liked Posidon more, so much more imagination for it and his idea were great, zues seems a little boring to make as he mostly just looks like a man! but in the end the most important thing was that he made what he wanted and he was happy! and we had fun!

the outfit was fairly simple!

ancient Greek man with zues mask, made with poster paint, lots of glue and glitter, pipe cleaners and wool.


we decided he does look a bit like a JEDI! cuffs/wrist warmers made with brown and yellow yarn, crochet belt to hold it in place and the t-shirt was an adult medium


with a waist coat (we bought as a result of going to the 3 Wishes Faery Fest in Cornwall)l we made a Hero of him! (I think the idea is that he looks like Hercules!)


so if your little ones are having a Greek day (or any dressing up) why not let there ideas run and see what you can make to suit there imagination!

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