New Forest Fairy Festival 2016

we had another lovely weekend at The New Forest Fairy Festival, lots of fun learning new skills with Gypsy Pyskeys, meeting great fairy’s and elfs, basking in the sun, and so much more, just the right spot to be in on such a lovely weekend

Most of our outfits were made by Peregrine’s Nest, …little fae fairy dress, skirt, trousers and yes that tail…

petle skirt

pic for faery ferlicity

When we were packing up the car my little fae drew this for fairy Felicity


hooping work shop Gypsy Pyksy

hooping sucess

double hoops

great fun hooping with Gypsy Pyksy’s

kitty tail

Lovely furry tail (made by me…trousers made by peregrine’s nest)


tree man

Lunch break
Lunch break

peddle power
peddle power


ribbon fun

Ribbon fun


fun on stilts
fun on banana boots!

uni cycle

snail race
snail race

woodland folk
woodland folk

pixie faery

people cleaners
cleaned with people cleaners

fairy wishing

saying our goodbyes


new forest fairy Fest day
great weekend with fairies

“One Size Fits All”

The Knitted crossover I posted yesterday really is “One Size Fits All”

On an adult it feels more like an extra warm Knitted shawl it keeps you much warmer than a shawl and is snug,almost like a shawl being warped around you but you don’t have to pit it, or worry about it falling off!

On a child it is more like a jumper, that feeling every mother wants to give to a child when they are cold, just wrap them up all snug and warm in a blanket, this gives that sort of comforting and loving feel!

What I like about this garment is that it is so comfortable to wear and it does not restrict movement at all. You can wear this doing almost anything, often shawls can slip or restrict how you move but this is great!

Great for busy mums, or people who move about a lot, in my minds eye I can see a farm girl milking a cow or going about farm work in this!

I really do love it and I look forward to making more of them for people of all ages!

This is on an adult

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film, knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge

This is the crossover/ shawl on an 8year old, as you can see it fits nicely and he can move his arms about fine, and on a child the back really is more shawl like, similar to the triangular shawls (he didn’t seem to mind the edging but said on his he doesn’t want edging…seems i am making him one!)

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edgeDebbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And finally how lovely it looks on a 3 year old, I think this looks really nice, like a really snug jumper, I can see a mother in the early 1900’s, walking along with a cold child in the wind,taking her knitted crossover off and warping her child in it so they stay warm.

She could really move about in it too!


I was a little worried that it would restrict arms but it is fine

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And it looks lovely from the back too

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

I love this because of so many reasons, but one that sticks in my mind is that I can make it for children as well as adults and for children it will last them their whole life! a lovely item that will stay with them as they grow!

I will be sad to send this off for filming, but then I have said that about every item!

Lovely yarn Gifts

I have been a very lucky girl in the last few months! I received a package from a Lovely lady… with yarn needles and patterns, sending a big THANK YOU to Sam Obrien Currie of Rainydaysunsetknits

These are the lovely items she sent…

When I opened the package I found this on the outside of an envelope

loom bands with letters for name

And inside some lovely items to keep me occupied

lovely stylecraft yarn, wooden needles and patons pattern 3790

You wouldn’t believe how soft the grey yarn is, it is a Stylecraft Yarn and we just can’t stop feeling it! my son loves it and has asked if i can make something for him with it, we will have to see but I get the feeling I won’t get away with knitting something for someone else with it!

Something else I got a while back was a whole load of knitting needles crochet hooks and other knitting bits and bobs.

These were my great aunts who sadly died just after my daughter was born, most of my family sew, they sew a lot, my nan was a dressmaker and taught people how to sew she also worked in the big ladybird factory sewing and teaching there until it closed down.

The stories I hear of all the family sewing together and trying to get dresses made in time for ‘The Dance’ .. and how they made clothes in the war when their tiny island was occupied by the Japanese!… I really love listening to these stories!

My nan often makes dresses for my daughter and up-cycles items to make her dresses,without a pattern! Most of my family can sew..I don’t even remember learning to sew, my first memory is being sat at my nans (pfaff?) machine practicing!

My family can knit and crochet too but not all too much, so my family thought it would be best for me to have all my aunt’s needles hooks and bits, and I feel lucky to have these, I was told that my Great Uncle worked for Sirdar so use to bring my aunt lots of bits home! how lovely and dreamy would that be!?

These are the knitting items I inherited

knitting needles, crochet hooks and knitting accessories

Some of these hooks are tiny, they are for such fine tread!

lots of these needles are plastic and although I shouldn’t use metal needles much they will come in very handy, for teaching my children and for ‘holding’ knitting work on, I feel very grateful that my family felt I should have them 😀


T.B.K Finally Learns To Crochet!

I don’t do much crochet, I have admitted a fair few times that I am no good at it, so when I was asked to do a couple of crochet items I was a little worried, but me being so stubborn when it comes to yarn craft thought I would be fine, and I was 😀

I took to my hook and crouched up these two items, a mobile phone case and a camera case, made to measure

made to measure mobile phone case and camera case

I do a fair amount of crochet around knitted items on edging and things, as well as playing about with items and ideas – they just don’t always go quite to plan, but I do feel I am improving!

Something I didn’t really struggle with was roses for a wedding, I was asked to do them and I have really enjoyed it, I really loved making up the pattern too, patterns is one part of knitting I love and it turns out I love making them in crochet just as much!

All together I needed 14 but did a fair few more, add to that the ones my daughter (of 3) kept steeling for herself….well I lost count!

yellow and cream wedding roses

I just need to sew the band on to make them into corsages – these are also great for brides and bride bouquets and bridesmaid posy’s.

with these recent items and some others I have worked on over the last few months (like on my wheels) I really feel I can crochet yaay!

I may still find it hard and I have an awful lot to learn but I am glad I kept trying because now I can crochet 😀


Some Children’s Knits

As you can imagine it gets a little chilly in the evenings so when we were at the 3 wishes faery feat we wrapped up warmer to listen to the great music in the evenings

Here is a matching set I made,knitted  tunic, leg warmers and arm warmers

matching set knitted tunic,knitted leg warmers and knitted arm warmers

And this is a jumper (blue/green) with hand warmers over them

knitted jumper (blue/green) with hand warmers over them

Then just one barmy step further! (on another night)

Wrist warmers too!

DSCF32knitted jumper with hand warmers AND wrist warmers over them! 62

All snug and warm listening to fab music 😀

These sets are great and can be made in almost any colours and last many seasons just ask me if you have something in mind 😀

That Naughty Pixie!

Amidst all the excitement with shawls I had neglected to update on the pixie I had been knitting for my daughter!

She kept stealing the little bits for her own dolly, which had been made into a fairy after insisting the pixie’s wings were for dolly! After that for some reason I struggled to knit some more wings! I just couldn’t get them right!

In the end I had two sets of wings to choose from

Knitted fairy/pixie wings

Knitted fairy/pixie wings

and got around to sewing them on 😀

wings on pixie

wings on pixie

wings on pixie 'flap'

wings on pixie ‘flap’

I had attempted two pixie hats one smallish and one bigger but once on the pixie thay looked a bit silly and more witch like than pixie, so we ditched that idea and just went for mad pixie hair! 😀

'Naughty Pixie'

‘Naughty Pixie’

When I gave this to my daughter she was very happy and shook pixie around saying ‘I am a naughty pixie!’ over and over, she has defiantly got the idea of what a pixie is like and I now wonder just how many things ‘naughty pixie’ will get blamed for!?


Little Pixie Stealing My Knitting!

Well yesterday I was hoping to finish this doll faery/elf thing I am making, but alas my little pixie stole it from me ! I had finished them and it was all…”oooh my dolly is a butterfly” and “dolly can fly” so I ended up sewing them onto her very loved looking doll! and now it is a faery doll, she is so happy with it and I am glad that she is playing with it and now finding a whole new way to play with it, but I fear at this rate I will never finish this one as I can see that she will be stealing all the little extras for her current doll!? maybe i should make it a “pixie” as it seem to fit the current scenario!

Now this is the doll that I never actually finished, I had sewn it’s arms.legs and head to the body and put some of the hair on, I had decided to sew the eyes and mouth on before finishing the last bits, but she stole this! you can see why she’s a pixie right! she may fool you all with her little faery wings she wears all day but she is defiantly a pixie! then the little madam demands her dolly had a nose, this I thought, was a fair statement, how else is a dolly going to smell things!? and then a skirt, this was a little frustrating for me as I had intended to do a lovely ballerina skirt on it but in an attempt to be quick and get it done before bed time I just put a quick little skirt on it….and now the wings…I think this must be about a year later! dolly is looking a bit loved although I am pleased to say that despite my daughter getting annoyed with it and attempting to pull the head off my stitching won and she is still in one piece! 😀 yay me! i cant begin to imagine the tears if she had actually pulled it off, thankfully she hasn’t attempted it since!

I was thinking of putting a little hat on the current one but am worried she may want this too? so should I just go ahead and make two!? or should I do it in secret? no doubt if I do that she will ask for one as soon as she sees it! and then hair, I never added (proper) hair to her doll….

Daughters bit too loved knitted doll

Daughters bit too loved knitted doll

 doll with added wings

doll with added wings

Normally I wouldn’t  mind and would be more than happy to just go with the flow and see where it takes us, but my yarn has arrived for the jumper and I am eager to get started on it as I have no idea how long it will take and how many times I will have to rip it back, I pray to the gods that I wont be doing much of that!

It is possible that I may have over ordered just a little on the yarn…partly because I have no idea just how much I need and after running out of yarn on the shawl/afghan (which I can’t wait to get back to!) I figured I best over order…by far too much!

 too much!?

too much!?

The theory is I am a knitter! a yarnoholic! so one can never have too much yarn right!?

And I have lots of other things in mind which I could use the left overs on, so do hope there is a good amount left

Right, big push on getting this doll finished and hopefully I can get started on this jumper!! I just know if I don’t finish the pixie it will bug me while knitting the jumper!

…now were did i leave that faery dust!?

2year old choosing a project!

Today we were in a shop to buy some yarn for a few holiday knits, we ventured out in the wheelchair, my daughter has been a little unwell so she sat on my lap for a bit of a rest, all of a sudden she has an out cry of ‘that one’ pointing at the whole shelf….so we wheeled in closer and asked again, with the finger still pointing and moving as we moved so it was still pointing at the right yarn…she looked so happy and pleased with herself as she pulled the small ball off the shelf and rubbed it, I asked if she liked it and wanted it and she was positive that she wanted it!

She then proceeded to shove it on her arm… now most people would think this is barmy right? there she was trying to shove her hand right trough the middle to the other side, and it dawned on me, she wanted what everyone else had, what I had promised I would make her soon… some hand warmers, she has both arm warmers and wrist warmers but nothing that comes up over the hand

so I asked her if she wanted me to knit her some and with her big blue eyes open wide she twists round and looks up at me ‘YES PLEASE MUMMY’ how could I resist! we bought the yarn and I will make her up some hand warmers, possibility hand warmer/mitts with the yarn she wants…i am sure this is the first request of many!

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