Still Clicking Away

Things have been busy here so I have been rather quiet on the blogging front, we have been lucky with fantastic weather so we have been here, there and everywhere, but the needles have been clicking.

We took a trip to Glastonbury a few weeks ago, I sat at the bottom of the Tor knitting while my tribe climbed up it with some friends we bumped into. With the odd knit here and there and some work on my WIP’s (work in progress) I have kept clicking.

baby cardi pink

pixie faery knit

pixie faery fairy autumn cardi
pixie faery autumn cardi

lace flower knit

T.B.K Finally Learns To Crochet!

I don’t do much crochet, I have admitted a fair few times that I am no good at it, so when I was asked to do a couple of crochet items I was a little worried, but me being so stubborn when it comes to yarn craft thought I would be fine, and I was 😀

I took to my hook and crouched up these two items, a mobile phone case and a camera case, made to measure

made to measure mobile phone case and camera case

I do a fair amount of crochet around knitted items on edging and things, as well as playing about with items and ideas – they just don’t always go quite to plan, but I do feel I am improving!

Something I didn’t really struggle with was roses for a wedding, I was asked to do them and I have really enjoyed it, I really loved making up the pattern too, patterns is one part of knitting I love and it turns out I love making them in crochet just as much!

All together I needed 14 but did a fair few more, add to that the ones my daughter (of 3) kept steeling for herself….well I lost count!

yellow and cream wedding roses

I just need to sew the band on to make them into corsages – these are also great for brides and bride bouquets and bridesmaid posy’s.

with these recent items and some others I have worked on over the last few months (like on my wheels) I really feel I can crochet yaay!

I may still find it hard and I have an awful lot to learn but I am glad I kept trying because now I can crochet 😀


Back With Human Kind!

It has taken a few days and we have been feeling rather ‘festival drunk’ and had ‘festival fever’ it is so unbelievable how chilled out we have been since coming home from 3 wishes faery fest, I feel so much more centered and balanced, it was just what we needed, for all of us!

my hubby has been so over worked with caring for all of us and working enough to keep a roof over our heads, we can’t complain we have all we need, but getting away from the city and the every day ‘human’ life was just the thing to bring us all back together and remind us of just why (and how) life should be enjoyed! I guess we didn’t really realize how much we needed a break until we were away with the faeries and they worked there magic!

Now we are back with human kind we are adjusting, but will never fully get used to it 😀

I thought some photos showing the amazing atmosphere of the festival would be just what everyone would like to see! these picture show how relaxing the festival is 😀


bubbles! (I didn’t take this picture!)


pretty stage

pretty stage

i see fairy's

i see fairy’s

 3 wishes faery fest 2014

hula hoops!

hula hoops!

 3 wishes faery fest 2014

treasure hunt

Treasure hunt! (go on! ‘click’ this one!)


There will be more pictures of the people who make the atmosphere so special ones were everywhere you look there is a burst of colour, and some lovely mermaids, faery’s, pirates elves….and so much more!

I really could just go on about the festival for months!

Amazing Fae Weekend!

Well we had a blast over the weekend at 3wishes faery fest, we met some amazing people and the inspiration everywhere was AMAZING! everyone was so lovely and with me being in a wheelchair the help people gave and offered was much appreciated!

Most importantly I really want my husband to know how much I appreciated him wheeling me around and looking after all of us, we are very lucky to have him caring for us so well xxx

I had hoped to come back and write about my weekend with a few photos but to put everything in just one blog post would make it HUGE! and I am so exhausted from the fun we had! So I will do a few posts with our magical fun!

For now I will leave you with these two photos taken on our last day while the sun was starting to set.

Knitted Pin Wheel

Knitted Pin Wheel

Crochet mandala

Crochet mandala

As you can see one side is knitted and the other crochet, I am super pleased with myself for the crochet side as I really do NOT think of myself as a ‘good’ crocheter but I managed this fine 😀

Each one took me about a day or two…with other stuff in between…like packing!

I am also wearing a shawl which is the same pattern as the one I knitted for the film (I will be making more of these for those who want one)

The hand warmers I made from playing about with yarn a few weeks back,

And I am not sure if you can see, under my hands is a bag with all my faery bits and bobs in 😀

I hope everyone had a great mid summer weekend, the weather was great, perfect for solstice!

Blessed Be xx

Colour Matching Yarn To Garments

One of the hardest things to do when knitting up items is colour match something perfectly!

There are so many shades of one colour out there that you would have thought it would be a piece ‘o’ cake, but by the time you have chosen the weight and the type of yarn, in my case DK cotton, you are then faced with the challenging task of picking the shade to match!

I was looking for a cotton in yellow to match a stunning yellow dress, so off I trotted (or wheeled) in to town to look for exactly what I wanted….there are at least 8 shops to buy wool/yarn from near me, I had researched what I wanted and had one particular brand in mind, and a second back up the best thing was I knew one of the shops stocked that brand 🙂 and two stocked the back up

When I arrived at the shop they had many colours in the brand I wanted but not the one I want, and they said they can get it but only in bulk and I would have to buy the lot! 😮

So off i went to shop after shop and i could not for the life of me find a suitable colour to match,

And i am sure you can understand my horror when I was told mY back up brand had discontinued the colour!!

In the end I settled for this….. but I was not overly happy!

Not Quite Matching!

Not Quite Matching!

so I took to finding the yarn I had wanted, I knew that it was hard to find and possibly been discontinued, the problem was that I had only ever seen pictures of it and sometimes the colour is not what is expected when it arrives! but this was a risk I was willing to take, after all one can never have too much yarn! and I am certain I will find a use for it! lots of ideas then ran thought my mind 😀

After some hard work I managed to track down what I was hoping would be a lovely matching cotton!

And it arrived by post safe and sound…..



I am so pleased I made the effort to find the right match and didn’t just settle for something close!

It really can be a pain to track down exactly what you want BUT when it works out you really feel it was well worth the effort!


Wedding Roses

As well as working on bunny patters I have been working on something that I thought would be a challenge to me,


You may know that crocheting is not something I find easy, I use it for boarders on my knitting, and I can manage some simple items such as items in the round and small toys, oh, and to stop saggy bottoms on bags I use a type of Tunisian crochet, but I am not very good at crochet and find I make many mistakes,

So when I was asked to make some Roses for a wedding I was a little worried! and I did think knitted would be easier but not as pretty!

We spent that day in the garden planting flowers and as I watched my children garden I took to crocheting up a rose, it took me quite a long time and turned out far too big, this is my first attempt at a rose and this is what I wanted the finished item to look like,

first crochet rose

first crochet rose

this is only part of the crochet as the whole thing was waaaay to big….felt like a bit of time was wasted but then I could look at how much I needed form this,

I have to admit I was…am… very proud of myself, after all I do say ‘I don’t crochet’

After this I tried a part knitted and part crochet one, and although it was pretty and looked nice it wasn’t quite as pretty as the crochet one, and I think bride to be thought the same….

knitted and crochet rose

knitted and crochet rose

So I made a pattern to the right size and took to the hook again, it was surprisingly quick and very enjoyable and using a cotton made it much nicer to work with, as well as getting a nice smooth look, rather than a fuzzy finish…

and here was the finished item, and very pleased I am! I just hope that the bride agrees!

crochet Rose for wedding

crochet Rose for wedding

now for some yellow ones!

wish me luck!

And if you are wanting to crochet and don’t feel like you are getting there, stick with it because It will turn out well in the end, you can do it!



That son of mine, helping to raise money

Every morning my husband drops my son off at school, he attends breakfast club, not because we need the extra hours for us but because he goes to school much easier and happier, a year ago he had started playing up in the mornings and breakfast club seemed to turn his behaviour around, I think it was a mixture of not nagging him that he would be late to go in and knowing that he gets to do fun non school things in school! he use to play a lot in the mornings and not get ready and it is a much slower start to the day now.

Anyway last night he told my husband that one of the teachers wanted to talk to him when he drops off…ut oh..that’s what I always think, that what have you done feeling!

So off they went this morning to school husband ready to talk to one of the teachers, and it turns out that on a Wednesday afternoon she is in my sons class and they do craft activity’s, painting, sewing, glueing….anyway at the end they have a sort of ‘show and tell’ so my son had stood up and told everyone about the things I was making and the things I had knitted for the school fair, when he was done he was asked if he would like to bring things in next week to show the class but he thought that he wouldn’t be allowed (bless, if he’d asked I would have said yes) so his teacher asked my husband this morning, I am so glad that she did ask, I had no idea he wanted to show people what I have been busy with! I am so happy that he likes the things I have made and wants to share with everyone, and I will be sending him in with a few bits. it has made me happy as I am sure it would any mum, knowing that there children appreciate the things they do for them.

what I have learnt is not to think the worse, there was no reason for me to even suspect that my son had done anything wrong, in fact was I maybe in the wrong? if he didn’t think I would let him take something in to show was it because I give off that vibe? he does loose lots of things and it does drive me up the wall but if he wants to show things to his class I’m not going to say no, maybe i should tell him this!?

and drumming up interest in the school fair is great, it pays for so much from computers, stationary and books to claiming frames and and play trails we raise thousands of pounds each year and I’m happy my son wants to be a part of that!

here are some pictures of the things we make to sell at school feel free to copy any of it and maybe set up a fair to raise money for your school!

the thing at the back is a scarf, the teddys are in little sleeping bags


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