Eden project

We took our tribe to the Eden project, it is so close but we have never been! so we took our leaf (electric car) to the Eden Projcet plugged it in and went for an explore, by the time we were done the car was fully charged 😀

Disabled access for us mermaids was great, the only bit I didn’t like was the wooden planks between the two bio-domes, they were a bit too bumpy for my joints but worth it when I saw what it led to! There were some places with steps, viewing platforms and to go under the water fall, we rolled a different way for most of these and met up with everyone once they were down, I didn’t feel as though I missed out as there is so much to see!

It is amazing the things our planet does and we really got to discover how she provides for us, and the amazing things she can produce, the extraordinary colours of the plants and teach our children to embrace things such as wind and rain because without these our flowers would not pollinate and grow! really teaching us that amazing things happen in nature and how wonderful the world around us is….

both my fae and I were wearing knits that I made

Purple balero cardigan

festival cardi

seeds pods

pink flower



pink flowers

good wheelchair access, though I do have a battery to help on hills!

wheelchair acess eden

baby dino!

baby dino

Trying out another EV think we will stick to our bigger leaf for our car trips!


amazing colourful flowers!

lilly red orange

orange flower

Eden project flower

Eden project flowers

how do they smell?

Eden project flower smells

Eden project flower smells a

ending our day with ice cream and dairy free sorbet 😀

Eden project ice cream

Eden project sorbet

we will definitely visit again, there was so much we didn’t get time to see and so much more for the children to enjoy and learn and so so much fun!

wonder to Mount Edgcumbe

This week we had clan (family) come and we took them to some of our favourite places, and that wasn’t even the start of it! We have so many local woods, moorland and more that we could have ventured out to

As you may know already we go to 3 wishes faery fest every year and it is help very local to us, so when the faerys are not strolling amongst us we still pop over to faery land and have a wonder to Mount Edgcumbe

my two spent some of the day being mounting goats


Running around


finding huge trees!

huge tree

hugging trees

tree hugging

 looking at the amazing flowers Mount Edgcumbe has to offer,


lovey day out strolling and walking,

walking in gardensa

we often take picnics here

I’m Glad That Week Is Over!

It’s a brand new week and a fresh new start, last week was a hectic one for me, one of those weeks were it gets to the Sunday and you just think to yourself ‘i am glad that week is over with!’ I know this next week will be a busy one but the end is in sight and then I can relax into doing the things I want to do, or NEED to do! without lots of other distractions!

As you may know I had my daughters birthday on beginning of the week, I had managed to put to put together a cake, a quick and easy butterfly cake, but this was also the day that the car decided it would stop working! so, much of the week was taken up with school runs…two schools about 40mins walk apart,I am grateful for my husband for doing this most days and i have a good friend who dropped one or both of them home. also we were searching for a new car, ours was beyond repair!

butterfly cake, not so sure the marshmallows make good antenna!?

butterfly cake, not so sure the marshmallows make good antennae!?

I made a few knits for my daughter, a hat, and that pixie! I really enjoyed making it! and my daughter now comes and sits next to me with her knitting! she still needs a little help but is really coming along!, she is knitting a scarf and the other day I asked her what she was knitting and she looked up wide eyed and replied with “a boat!” that’s my girl, aim for the impossible! I just hope she does take after me and one day produces me with her own knitted boat! haha

At the end of the week it was my son’s birthday so more cake baking and decorating but between looking at cars and phoning around family to organize transport for this week I couldn’t do the cake I had wanted to do, my son was having a sleep over and that meant picking up a friend from school and making them walk home! they were very good but getting me in a wheel chair home was hard! I had a few ideas for his cake my original idea would just take too long and I have to admit I just went for the quickest and easiest one, this ended up being a Triforce from the Nintendo game Zelda

Cake - Nintendo the Legend of Zelda

Cake – Nintendo the Legend of Zelda

Now I am very lucky to have a lovely husband to help with the cake mixing,Ii am just not up to it these days, but icing and decorating I can still do with a little help, even if half asleep! as you can tell my husband earned quite a few brownie points this week!

This week is another long week for me, another cake to bake and unfortunately a funeral to attend, it struck me that even when it is expected and you feel prepared it is still such a sadness when someone passes, but what I can take out of this is to keep my close ones so very close!

And I will try to plough through this knitting as right now I have far to many WIP’s so feel the need to get some finished! The only problem with that is that right now I want to design and create…get something on those needles that I can just play about with! but for now am happy just to get the time to knit!

I may have had a long hard week but it was helped by eating cake 😀

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