Patons Colour Block Jacket Book 3756

With another baby due to be born in to our family we had a think about what would be nice for the baby, Peregrine’s nest decided to make a dress and I thought I would knit up a cardigan, I already had a few things on the go with a deadline so thought, for now at least, something simple would be best. I opted for this lovely patons jacket/cardi.

In the original pattern it is knitted in lots of colours which I love! But decided to go with a soft pink/purple colour throughout.

I ended up using stylecraft special DK, I love this yarn, I use it for a lot of projects, it is soft, good quality and comes in loads of colours!

This pattern is REALLY good for beginners as it has little (no) shoulder shaping and simple decreases for the front and sleeves. One thing I did find is that I didn’t need as many buttons and I chose not to add the top one.

Also because it was for a new born baby I wanted as few seams as possible so I joined the shoulders with Kitchener stitch and made seamless (in the round) sleeves

It wasn’t long befog I had knitted up this cute tiny cardi!

patons colour block jacket book 3756

I also made this blanket (patons fab DK)

vertical stripe baby blanket 2

I have made a few of these and posted about them before.



Still Clicking Away

Things have been busy here so I have been rather quiet on the blogging front, we have been lucky with fantastic weather so we have been here, there and everywhere, but the needles have been clicking.

We took a trip to Glastonbury a few weeks ago, I sat at the bottom of the Tor knitting while my tribe climbed up it with some friends we bumped into. With the odd knit here and there and some work on my WIP’s (work in progress) I have kept clicking.

baby cardi pink

pixie faery knit

pixie faery fairy autumn cardi
pixie faery autumn cardi

lace flower knit

Colourful May Knit – Pictures So Far!

I have been sharing my colourful knit I was working on during may, this is my own pattern though there are lots of similar ones out there.

I have nearly finished this it needs blocking then is ready to go, I love this because it is easy to get on and off, with my EDS I often struggle to get cardigans on, but this is easier with the low mobility I have.

I will defiantly be making more of these, I loved making it and while knitting I was thinking of the different colour combinations I would use, I would love to knit these for people as I enjoyed it so much!

I think i will call them ‘Festival Waistcoats’ or something similar.

This one will be for 3 wishes faery fest in a few weeks

Festival Waistcoat 1

Festival Waistcoat 2

for when it gets chilli

Festival Waistcoat 3

and the back, I realise now that maybe I should have moved the hair!?

Festival Waistcoat back

Pirate Knitted Crossover

A few weeks ago we went to pirate day, we had lots of fun doing pirate things and doing treasure hunts, but it was cold, very cold, I wore a lovely shawl I knitted and some arm warmers, unfortunately none of us thought to take a photo of me!

We did however get to take a photo of my son wearing his knitted crossover!

I knitted one of these for the film “tell them of us” a WW1 film and we love them, I did a blog post about how they are good items to ‘grow into’

This is a really easy knit, all in garter stitch making it a great pattern for beginners.

What I hadn’t realised is how well this looks when it is part of a pirate costume!

pirate knitted crossover

It does fit down snuggly over his arms covering his shoulders but Pretzel boy had been flinging his arms around so it bunched up, he was happy with it that way though

pirate knitted crossover costume

Going back to last summer my little faery borrowed this when we were at the new forest faery festival, she was 4 and it fitted her really well, she chose to wear is a little differnly and this is another great way to wear it!

knitted crossover shawl

knitted crossover shawl a

as you can imagine it was hard to get a picture as she was on the go!

knitted crossover shawl b

I will be making her her own one of these, I have bought some lovely Rowan wool for it, but finding the time is a whole other thing!


Lost My Bloging Mojo

I have somewhat lost my knitting mojo, at the moment I am not sure what to blog about, I have not had a great month with health and family things, along with the usual EDS and the allergic reaction I had the other day. I have also had swollen gland doctor thinks it is an infection somewhere but my body it doing the right thing so just waiting it out for now.

All this time I have been knitting my colourful knit, I am loving it, although I do wish I did not have quite so many ends, seems to be a lot to tie in, I am about 75% through on this one, really happy with the colours but I am still not quite sure about it, I think it is one of those items that you are not sure about till the end!

Having said that I must be fairly happy with it as I am already thinking of making another one! Hopefully someone will want one…

colourfull festival knit b

colourfull festival knit c

The yarn I am using is really nice to knit with, it is a cotton and bamboo mix, I think I will have to track down more yarns with bamboo as it is really smooth and lovely to knit with. It’s really warm and almost comforting to knit, I think that it is giving me a happy feeling on dull days with thoughts of what is to come during the warmer months and on bright days it really is making me think of fun sunny bright days, the knit itself rather looks like the colours you may see on a lovely sunny summers day, on a day trip, I am looking forward to more days out 😀

I have found myself thinking about other knits I could make but have not noted them down yet, never a good idea as I forget till it is too late and have run out of time…. wander what will be next!

A Colourful May Update

Well I know I have got lots of projects to be getting on with at the moment but I really couldn’t resist starting a few more, and something for myself

I made these lovely hand warmers, I have a few of these so if anyone is interested in buying a pair just drop me an e-mail!

Festival hand warmers
perfect for summer festivals

And I made this 20cm x 20cm baby snuggly too that is up for grabs, I can do these in most colours if anyone is interested, I am thinking bright ones would be nice?

baby snuggly

Now I am first to admit my crochet skills are not the best but I am enjoying this blanket, this also doesn’t have a home yet, I am quite a bit further along than the picture but I haven’t finished it…..

Ripple blanket
ripple blanket

Then my current favourite item is this! And for now I will leave you guessing!?

colourfull festival knit

World Book Day Knit

Yesterday was World Book Day, we love books in our house, we have so many (not just knitting books!) and are at the library a lot, my son goes to bed at a reasonable time just so he has a long time to read, he is currently reading his way through his very own copies of harry potter. So it was no surprise that he wanted to go as a character from the book, he is a red head like me and very proud to be ginger! He was given a Hogwarts cloak last year and was happy he could wear it to school as ‘Ron Weasley’
I had been thinking about items I could knit him and not much came to mind, other than the obvious scarf and bits…oh and the hats Hermione knitted for the house elves!
My son has been after a ‘Weasley jumper’ with his initial on for a while now so I have added one to my list but I really could not knit one in time for world book day!
Then I remembered a book I had won from Knitting (, it is a lovely book with so many lovely knits in that have been added to my ever growing list including a gorgeous scarf that I would love to knit for myself. I have knitted some lovely items from it already, but you know me, always tweaking the patterns, the book is ’50 knitted gifts, for year round giving’ this is one I am very pleased to own!
In this book was a hat, I had thought it would make a great sorting hat so I whipped one up.
Being me knitting this hat meant I did tweak the pattern a little so that it fitted on his head as well as being able to pull it down over his eyes like the hat from the book, I also made a stiffer brim. I had decided to do a brown hat with black detail hoping that the black would stand out enough but not too much.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

I think it turned out quite nice and it would actually make a good Rincewind hat (from the Discworld books) or a witch’s hat, I get the feeling I might make a few more of these great hats.
I have enjoyed seeing what other people have made for world book day, dressing up for days like this is great as it gets our minds thinking what we can make with our crafts? 😀

Shawl, Hat and ArmWarmer Set

As the weather turns cold we are all looking to items that will keep us and others warm and protected from the wind, the days are getting shorter and although all reports are saying it has been warmer than past years I for one am feeling the chill.

A while back I got and order For a lovely set to be knitted in purple and I just knew I would love making it, this was for some lovey lace wrist/arm warmers, a hat with a lace rim and a shawl just like the one I knitted earlier in the year.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed knitting this set! as with any lace work it did take me a while to get into the rhythm of the pattern but once I was in the swing of things it really did come along.

When the order was placed the waiting time was pretty long as I had been asked to do lots of knitting, but as the days started turning colder I was keen to get this order out to were it needs to be, and i was keen to get started on a set 🙂

This set was all knitted in purple with a yarn that changes colour as you knit giving it a lovely effect as you knit.

vintage purple shawl lace had warmers, arm warmers, wrist warmers mitts, lace hat

These really are pretty

lace hand warmers, arm warmers

lace hand warmers, arm warmers

What I really love about this shawl is the ‘lines’ of colour that run up and down each side in a v shape it makes a lovely effect.

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap

also it did strike me how different each ball of yarn is, I know when buying yarn you do expect this and I really do feel it gives every shawl it’s own unique pattern and colour while still having the same set of colours and lovely yarn of other shawls of the same type, it’s own individuality of how the colours flow when knitted up, it’s just another reason i love knitting these shawls.

These are two shawls knitted with the same colourway yarn and you can see the subtle difference between the two.

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap, comparing yarn colour per ball

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap, comparing yarn colour per ball

It will be really nice to knit more of these and I have found a love for knitting up sets of matching items 😀

Just another quick and exciting note, a lot of my website is up and running now and I am told it won’t be long at all till my blog posts are moved over to the website with everything else, there will still be some changes going on for quite a while as some pages are still being constructed but why not pop over to the website and get familiar with it, all links work (I hope!)

centenary stitches

You may have heard me mention the pattern book for the items I have been knitting recently, this is for the film ‘tell them of us’ many people have put a lot of work into this pattern book and it looks like it is going to be fab!

There are loads of pictures to look at and loads more have just been added, just a taster of the knits that you will be able to knit up yourself have a look for your self in this lovely Gallery.

Knitting Ages Well!?

My husband has an amazing jacket that is knitted and lined in fleece, unfortunately i did not make this for him but i did buy it! this jacket is quite old now, a good few years and he has worn it most days, it was a bright vibrant jacket very stunning, green with rainbow striped arms a real eye catcher.

As time went on the jacket faded but we never noticed, it has not gone bubbly or snagged even though it has been trough so much – gardening, playing about with kids, it has really stood up to the strains of daily life, but the other day we were looking at it and hubby commented on how old it was looking.He was right it does look very different now to what it did when I bought it, but it does not look old or faded it just looks like it is pastel colored rather than bright, it looks as if it is meant to be this color, if you didn’t know how bright and vibrant it was, you would never know it has faded now! perfect!

a few months

a few months

faded but looking good

Now faded but looking good

Now you may wonder why I am rambling on about an old jacket…it brings me back to our trip to bath.

I remember seeing many pictures of the yarn bombing out side the  Kaffe Fassett exhibition, the lamps in particular….they were bright and colorful and so stunning against the green bank behind, when we went the knitting was (so i was told) a bit more faded, the sun and the rain had made the bright knits lighter in color, BUT they were still so amazing and stunning and you would never know that they were faded at all!


Kaffe Fassett exhibition- bath American museum, yarn bomb bright colorful lamp post Rosie wilks Kaffe Fassett exhibition- bath American museum, yarn bomb bright coloufull lamp post Rosie Kaffe Fassett exhibition- bath American museum, yarn bomb bright colorful lamp post Rosie wilkswilks










They were lovely bright colors and so pretty to look at, still super colorful, I can only imagine how amazing they were a few months ago because they were fantastic when we went!

The closer you got the more stunning the yarn was,

Kaffe Fassett exhibition- bath American museum, yarn bomb bright colorful lamp post Rosie wilks Kaffe Fassett exhibition- bath American museum, yarn bomb bright colorful lamp post Rosie wilks

Putting things outside really is great, they age well and still catch your eye after months outside, this idea of aging items has given me some inspiration!

Another idea to add to my list of things to do…one day!

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