Patons Colour Block Jacket Book 3756

With another baby due to be born in to our family we had a think about what would be nice for the baby, Peregrine’s nest decided to make a dress and I thought I would knit up a cardigan, I already had a few things on the go with a deadline so thought, for now at least, something simple would be best. I opted for this lovely patons jacket/cardi.

In the original pattern it is knitted in lots of colours which I love! But decided to go with a soft pink/purple colour throughout.

I ended up using stylecraft special DK, I love this yarn, I use it for a lot of projects, it is soft, good quality and comes in loads of colours!

This pattern is REALLY good for beginners as it has little (no) shoulder shaping and simple decreases for the front and sleeves. One thing I did find is that I didn’t need as many buttons and I chose not to add the top one.

Also because it was for a new born baby I wanted as few seams as possible so I joined the shoulders with Kitchener stitch and made seamless (in the round) sleeves

It wasn’t long befog I had knitted up this cute tiny cardi!

patons colour block jacket book 3756

I also made this blanket (patons fab DK)

vertical stripe baby blanket 2

I have made a few of these and posted about them before.



Colourful May Knit – Pictures So Far!

I have been sharing my colourful knit I was working on during may, this is my own pattern though there are lots of similar ones out there.

I have nearly finished this it needs blocking then is ready to go, I love this because it is easy to get on and off, with my EDS I often struggle to get cardigans on, but this is easier with the low mobility I have.

I will defiantly be making more of these, I loved making it and while knitting I was thinking of the different colour combinations I would use, I would love to knit these for people as I enjoyed it so much!

I think i will call them ‘Festival Waistcoats’ or something similar.

This one will be for 3 wishes faery fest in a few weeks

Festival Waistcoat 1

Festival Waistcoat 2

for when it gets chilli

Festival Waistcoat 3

and the back, I realise now that maybe I should have moved the hair!?

Festival Waistcoat back

Lost My Bloging Mojo

I have somewhat lost my knitting mojo, at the moment I am not sure what to blog about, I have not had a great month with health and family things, along with the usual EDS and the allergic reaction I had the other day. I have also had swollen gland doctor thinks it is an infection somewhere but my body it doing the right thing so just waiting it out for now.

All this time I have been knitting my colourful knit, I am loving it, although I do wish I did not have quite so many ends, seems to be a lot to tie in, I am about 75% through on this one, really happy with the colours but I am still not quite sure about it, I think it is one of those items that you are not sure about till the end!

Having said that I must be fairly happy with it as I am already thinking of making another one! Hopefully someone will want one…

colourfull festival knit b

colourfull festival knit c

The yarn I am using is really nice to knit with, it is a cotton and bamboo mix, I think I will have to track down more yarns with bamboo as it is really smooth and lovely to knit with. It’s really warm and almost comforting to knit, I think that it is giving me a happy feeling on dull days with thoughts of what is to come during the warmer months and on bright days it really is making me think of fun sunny bright days, the knit itself rather looks like the colours you may see on a lovely sunny summers day, on a day trip, I am looking forward to more days out 😀

I have found myself thinking about other knits I could make but have not noted them down yet, never a good idea as I forget till it is too late and have run out of time…. wander what will be next!

Heart Bunting Pattern

It’s starting to look a lot like…. Alban Arthan in our house 😀

You may have read in my last blog post that I have been making festive (Christmas) decorations, I told you how I made my knitted chains and bunting but not how to make the knitted heart bunting, so after quite a bit of playing about and tweaking I have settled on the pattern.

Knitted Heart Bunting

This is great for the festive season as it can be made in festive colours and for me it represents the love at this time of year. It is a really quick knit and is a simple garter stitch pattern so still time to knit it up!

It can be made in any colour to decorate bedrooms, this is the sort of thing my daughter would like hanging in her room, and I also thought it would be good for party’s and gatherings…or just because! I might make some for after this festive season is over to go in the same place!

So here is my pattern for knitted heart bunting (or Download PDF)

Heart banner/bunting – by Juniper Askew (The Bendy Knitter)

  • Always slip stitch purl wise,
  • use any weight yarn
  • I found it helped to use slightly smaller needles than your yarn suggests


Sl1- slip one stitch (purl wise)


Kfb- kit front and back, of stitch (increase)

Rem- remaining

St- stitch

K2tog- knit 2 together

Cast on 7 st

Row 1: sl1, k row – (7)

R 2 – 4: sl1, kfb 2x, k rem stitches – (13)

R 5 – 7: sl1, kfb, k rem st – (16)

R 8: sl1, k row– (16)

Rs 9 – 11 : sl1 kfb, k rem st – (19)


R 12 : sl1 k row– (19)

R 13 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (20)

R 14: sl1, k row – (20)

R 15 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (21)

R 16 : sl1, k row– (21)

R 17 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (22)

R 18 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (21)

R 19 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (22)

R 20 : sl1, k row– (22)

R 21 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (23)

R 22 : sl1, k2tog 2x, k rem st – (21)

R 23 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (22)

R 24 : sl1, k2tog 2x, k rem st – (20)

R 25 : sl1, kfb 2x, k rem st – (22)

R 26 : sl1, k row – (22)

Your now half way!

R 27 : sl1, k2tog 2x, k rem st – (20)

R 28 : sl1, kfb 2x, k rem st – (22)

R 29 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (21)

R 30 : sl1, kfb 2x, k rem st – (23)

R 31 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (22)

R 32 : sl1, k row– (22)

R 33 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (21)

R 34 : sl1, kfb, k rem st – (22)

R 35 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (21)

R 36 : sl1, k row – (21)

R 37 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st– (20)

R 38 : sl1, k row – (20)


R 39 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (19)

R 40 : sl1, k row– (19)

R 41 – 43 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (16)


R 44 : sl1, k row– (16)

R 45 – 47 : sl1, k2tog, k rem st – (13)

R 48 – 50 : sl1, k2tog 2x, k rem st – (7)

Change colour OR k1row

Repeat pattern from ROW 2

Happy Knitting xx





Knitted Decorations

It is quickly creeping up to that time of year. This year I am not knitting many yarnie gifts but I am making decorations!

I haven’t been feeling great over the last week so some simple knits to decorate have been just what I need to keep my spirits up, a lot of what I am knitting has been dictated to me by my son. I have to admit I did ask what would look good!

So here are a few things I have started,

I apologise for the white being so bright!

In our house we are Druid and celebrate the Winter Solstice, this is the shortest day of the year. It is on the 21/22 of December, we don’t have a traditional ‘advent’ calender/candles, but we do have a calender, we made this and there is something in each pocket for the children,

These are the first few items

advent solstice calendar

This has been good in our house as my son has had an intolerance to dairy till this year, that’s 8years, so we put small pieces of dark dairy free chocolate in, both my children are now ok with dairy, most of the time, but we still like to use dark choccy every day as this is said to be healthy 🙂

We thought that some ‘yarn’ chains would be good, like paper chains but knitted (or you could crochet them)

knitting chain paper chain

I just cast on 5 stitches knit till a good length and then join them in loops, but do remember to loop it trough another chain before sewing!

I have started some bunting, who doesn’t like bunting! This is simply done by increasing each end every 4 rows,

bunting pattern

And finally this heart banner/ bunting, I love this it sums up the loving time of year in our house!

heart bunting banner

I hope you are all doing well with you Christmas knits ?

Don’t Doubt Your knitting Skills!

This children’s tunic/jumper was one of my first ‘big knits’ I decided to knit it bigger than needed thinking it would take me a very long time. It didn’t take me very long and it has been sat in the cupboard until this summer, however it was a very hard item to knit for someone who hadn’t knitted much other than stocking stitch and garter stitch before, BUT I think it is this item that made me believe that I can do it! I can knit, and after the achievement of doing something a little more complicated I went on with confidence to do lace work and fair isle as well as other more complex stitches and patterns.


If you really like the look of something, don’t let your doubts hold you back, give it a go, it may well give you the confidence you need!

“One Size Fits All”

The Knitted crossover I posted yesterday really is “One Size Fits All”

On an adult it feels more like an extra warm Knitted shawl it keeps you much warmer than a shawl and is snug,almost like a shawl being warped around you but you don’t have to pit it, or worry about it falling off!

On a child it is more like a jumper, that feeling every mother wants to give to a child when they are cold, just wrap them up all snug and warm in a blanket, this gives that sort of comforting and loving feel!

What I like about this garment is that it is so comfortable to wear and it does not restrict movement at all. You can wear this doing almost anything, often shawls can slip or restrict how you move but this is great!

Great for busy mums, or people who move about a lot, in my minds eye I can see a farm girl milking a cow or going about farm work in this!

I really do love it and I look forward to making more of them for people of all ages!

This is on an adult

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film, knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge

This is the crossover/ shawl on an 8year old, as you can see it fits nicely and he can move his arms about fine, and on a child the back really is more shawl like, similar to the triangular shawls (he didn’t seem to mind the edging but said on his he doesn’t want edging…seems i am making him one!)

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edgeDebbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And finally how lovely it looks on a 3 year old, I think this looks really nice, like a really snug jumper, I can see a mother in the early 1900’s, walking along with a cold child in the wind,taking her knitted crossover off and warping her child in it so they stay warm.

She could really move about in it too!


I was a little worried that it would restrict arms but it is fine

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

And it looks lovely from the back too

Debbie Bliss yarn, wool  knitting garment for 'tell them of us' WW1 film,child, children's 8 years knits in wool, Knitted crossover back, Victorian, vintage shawl/jumper crochet edge from the back

I love this because of so many reasons, but one that sticks in my mind is that I can make it for children as well as adults and for children it will last them their whole life! a lovely item that will stay with them as they grow!

I will be sad to send this off for filming, but then I have said that about every item!

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