Still Clicking Away

Things have been busy here so I have been rather quiet on the blogging front, we have been lucky with fantastic weather so we have been here, there and everywhere, but the needles have been clicking.

We took a trip to Glastonbury a few weeks ago, I sat at the bottom of the Tor knitting while my tribe climbed up it with some friends we bumped into. With the odd knit here and there and some work on my WIP’s (work in progress) I have kept clicking.

baby cardi pink

pixie faery knit

pixie faery fairy autumn cardi
pixie faery autumn cardi

lace flower knit

Purple Lacy Cardigan

A good few months back I knitted up a couple of cardigan’s with lots of babies arriving and babies due I have been clicking away at more cardi’s, my latest one is in purple the same design as a pink one I did back in April, I love getting into the rhythm of a lace work pattern, this only has a little lace work and it repeats, so is very easy. I may do another one of these as I like the turnout and love the colour!

For now I do have a different cardigan on the needles!

Purple lace work cardigan

Colourful May Knit – Pictures So Far!

I have been sharing my colourful knit I was working on during may, this is my own pattern though there are lots of similar ones out there.

I have nearly finished this it needs blocking then is ready to go, I love this because it is easy to get on and off, with my EDS I often struggle to get cardigans on, but this is easier with the low mobility I have.

I will defiantly be making more of these, I loved making it and while knitting I was thinking of the different colour combinations I would use, I would love to knit these for people as I enjoyed it so much!

I think i will call them ‘Festival Waistcoats’ or something similar.

This one will be for 3 wishes faery fest in a few weeks

Festival Waistcoat 1

Festival Waistcoat 2

for when it gets chilli

Festival Waistcoat 3

and the back, I realise now that maybe I should have moved the hair!?

Festival Waistcoat back

Pirate Knitted Crossover

A few weeks ago we went to pirate day, we had lots of fun doing pirate things and doing treasure hunts, but it was cold, very cold, I wore a lovely shawl I knitted and some arm warmers, unfortunately none of us thought to take a photo of me!

We did however get to take a photo of my son wearing his knitted crossover!

I knitted one of these for the film “tell them of us” a WW1 film and we love them, I did a blog post about how they are good items to ‘grow into’

This is a really easy knit, all in garter stitch making it a great pattern for beginners.

What I hadn’t realised is how well this looks when it is part of a pirate costume!

pirate knitted crossover

It does fit down snuggly over his arms covering his shoulders but Pretzel boy had been flinging his arms around so it bunched up, he was happy with it that way though

pirate knitted crossover costume

Going back to last summer my little faery borrowed this when we were at the new forest faery festival, she was 4 and it fitted her really well, she chose to wear is a little differnly and this is another great way to wear it!

knitted crossover shawl

knitted crossover shawl a

as you can imagine it was hard to get a picture as she was on the go!

knitted crossover shawl b

I will be making her her own one of these, I have bought some lovely Rowan wool for it, but finding the time is a whole other thing!


My Colourful Mystery Knit

We’ve had a busy week and weekend so not much knitting stitched here,

I have managed more on my colourful knit, I am liking the variegated yarn a lot

Here is my progress –

colourfull festival knit a

colourfull festival knit mix

A Colourful May Update

Well I know I have got lots of projects to be getting on with at the moment but I really couldn’t resist starting a few more, and something for myself

I made these lovely hand warmers, I have a few of these so if anyone is interested in buying a pair just drop me an e-mail!

Festival hand warmers
perfect for summer festivals

And I made this 20cm x 20cm baby snuggly too that is up for grabs, I can do these in most colours if anyone is interested, I am thinking bright ones would be nice?

baby snuggly

Now I am first to admit my crochet skills are not the best but I am enjoying this blanket, this also doesn’t have a home yet, I am quite a bit further along than the picture but I haven’t finished it…..

Ripple blanket
ripple blanket

Then my current favourite item is this! And for now I will leave you guessing!?

colourfull festival knit

Easy & Colourful Garter Stitch Blankets

It has been holidays here so I thought it would be best to have a project (or two) that is really easy, that I am very unlikely to make mistakes on. With lots of things to do during the holidays and the kids running about I needed something that I could pick up and not wonder where in the pattern I am, I can just pop it down to do something with the family and not worry about finishing a section or losing my way.

I chose to make some baby blankets, I made one with wide stripes in stocking stitch.

These stripes are knitted so the stripes are vertical rather than the usual horizontal (left to right)

vertical stripe stocking stitch blanket
vertical stripes- stocking stitch blanket

I also made one with some leftover yarn, this one is not finished yet.

It is very simple but affective, it is all garter stich with stripes of different colours. I am just changing the colour after two rows making an easy but effective pattern

Garter stitch stripe Blanket 1
Garter stitch stripe Blanket

As I mentioned these blankets are very easy so great when I don’t want to concentrate and they are great to make in anyone’s favourite colours I think this blanket a great project for beginners

They are also so very affective in just two colours

Garter stitch stripe Blanket
Garter stitch two colour stripe Blanket

Where did The Bendy Knitter disappear to!?

2015 was not a good year for me, my laptop was being incredibly slow and not behaving at all, then one night with a loud crash it broke.

When my daughter was born we had hand and foot prints made and these were hanging on the wall they fell down right on top of the laptop. The screen had a massive spider web like crack all across it. Amazingly the hand and foot prints are unmarked, which I am grateful for as I cannot replace them!

So for the rest of the year I have wanted a laptop but have had to wait it out!

I have been knitting away, not as fast as I use to as with my EDS knitting is getting slower. I have lots of little projects to knit along to and my lovely sister-in-law had a baby so I knitted a blanket or two. the frustrating thing for me is that I am so used to sharing and chatting and talking about techniques and have been unable to do so.

I was a very lucky girl recently and received one lovely laptop

I have missed a lot of things in social media so I guess 2016 is the time to get back on track, I can’t wait to see what others have been up to and what will I make in the next few months!?

World Book Day Knit

Yesterday was World Book Day, we love books in our house, we have so many (not just knitting books!) and are at the library a lot, my son goes to bed at a reasonable time just so he has a long time to read, he is currently reading his way through his very own copies of harry potter. So it was no surprise that he wanted to go as a character from the book, he is a red head like me and very proud to be ginger! He was given a Hogwarts cloak last year and was happy he could wear it to school as ‘Ron Weasley’
I had been thinking about items I could knit him and not much came to mind, other than the obvious scarf and bits…oh and the hats Hermione knitted for the house elves!
My son has been after a ‘Weasley jumper’ with his initial on for a while now so I have added one to my list but I really could not knit one in time for world book day!
Then I remembered a book I had won from Knitting (, it is a lovely book with so many lovely knits in that have been added to my ever growing list including a gorgeous scarf that I would love to knit for myself. I have knitted some lovely items from it already, but you know me, always tweaking the patterns, the book is ’50 knitted gifts, for year round giving’ this is one I am very pleased to own!
In this book was a hat, I had thought it would make a great sorting hat so I whipped one up.
Being me knitting this hat meant I did tweak the pattern a little so that it fitted on his head as well as being able to pull it down over his eyes like the hat from the book, I also made a stiffer brim. I had decided to do a brown hat with black detail hoping that the black would stand out enough but not too much.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

I think it turned out quite nice and it would actually make a good Rincewind hat (from the Discworld books) or a witch’s hat, I get the feeling I might make a few more of these great hats.
I have enjoyed seeing what other people have made for world book day, dressing up for days like this is great as it gets our minds thinking what we can make with our crafts? 😀

Knitting My Way Through Internet Issues

I have had quite a bit of time to fill lately, as I mentioned in my last post, quite some time ago now!
Most of that time has been filled with family fun which has been lovely. I also took the time to get my needles clicking, I haven’t been knitting quite as much lately, mostly because my EDS is slowing me down, so I thought it would be good to do something that I could pick up and put down and leave for a while if a new project came along, and the best thing is that I chose something for me 😀
I have been knitting some blanket squares, these are great, and quick. I would have thought one or two a day is easily doable for most people. I need at least 48 squares so this should keep me going for a while.

Knitted Blanket Squares

I also whipped up these hats and mittens back in January they are used lots and looking loved in the pictures.

Knitted Childrens Hat

Knitted Square Hat with Ears Knitted Adult Mittens

As for my internet – it is fixed and working now, however my computer didn’t want to play ball! my wireless has stopped working altogether, it was briefly Working (last time I posted) and now nothing, so I have resorted to a cable that runs across the room to where I am, not a great solution with kids running around but at least I can get connected.
it is strange though, I use to complain I had no internet and now I really have gotten used to being without!
Hopefully I can keep connected from now on.

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