Patons Colour Block Jacket Book 3756

With another baby due to be born in to our family we had a think about what would be nice for the baby, Peregrine’s nest decided to make a dress and I thought I would knit up a cardigan, I already had a few things on the go with a deadline so thought, for now at least, something simple would be best. I opted for this lovely patons jacket/cardi.

In the original pattern it is knitted in lots of colours which I love! But decided to go with a soft pink/purple colour throughout.

I ended up using stylecraft special DK, I love this yarn, I use it for a lot of projects, it is soft, good quality and comes in loads of colours!

This pattern is REALLY good for beginners as it has little (no) shoulder shaping and simple decreases for the front and sleeves. One thing I did find is that I didn’t need as many buttons and I chose not to add the top one.

Also because it was for a new born baby I wanted as few seams as possible so I joined the shoulders with Kitchener stitch and made seamless (in the round) sleeves

It wasn’t long befog I had knitted up this cute tiny cardi!

patons colour block jacket book 3756

I also made this blanket (patons fab DK)

vertical stripe baby blanket 2

I have made a few of these and posted about them before.



Replacement Yarn

Recently I was knitting away with some lovely soft yarn, I had knitted with this yarn before, although in a different colour, a lovely deep purple. As I was knitting I came across a problem, there were black marks along the yarn, every so often the yarn would have some black marks, it was incredibly had to clean off. As I was knitting lace work I really did not want to cut this an rejoin, once may have been ok, but there were of many marks throughout the yarn.

I have in the past briefly discussed the frustrating problem of knots in the yarn, although these are very frustrating I do also understand why there are knots in the yarn, a knot is not really an issue, but lots of knots is a problem, I felt very much the same with these black marks.

Idid clean some marks off but this took a while, this is one of the smaller marks after a little cleaning

coats crafts smoothie DK black oil marks replace yarn

So I made the decision to make the company aware of my problem, this is the first time I have ever complained about yarn quality, I think what really pushed me was that it was a light cream yarn with so many marks on.

they were very quick to reply, with an apology and explained that these marks were oil from the machinery, this is not something they see as acceptable and was unfortunate that they yarn had marks on.

They asked my address so that I could be sent some yarn to replace mine

Today I received this….

coats crafts smoothie DK black oil marks replace yarn coats crafts smoothie DK black oil marks replace yarn

I certainly did not think that they would send me this amount of yarn, I was delighted and I feel very lucky. It defiantly makes up for the marks on my own yarn! and it did make me feel that they really do not expect their yarn to have problems, if they thought that these balls would be the same they would not send them to me!

I use coats crafts products quite a lot, we have a coats haberdashery near us with lovely yarns, fabrics and books as well as other items, I love everything from the rowan, patons and the FAB is just…well fab! I use a lot of yarn as you can imagine I go through a fair amount and very rarely come across a problem other than the occasional knot so for them to send me so much yarn as an apology and replacement really does show that they are confident that this doesn’t happen all too often! 😀

Lovely yarn Gifts

I have been a very lucky girl in the last few months! I received a package from a Lovely lady… with yarn needles and patterns, sending a big THANK YOU to Sam Obrien Currie of Rainydaysunsetknits

These are the lovely items she sent…

When I opened the package I found this on the outside of an envelope

loom bands with letters for name

And inside some lovely items to keep me occupied

lovely stylecraft yarn, wooden needles and patons pattern 3790

You wouldn’t believe how soft the grey yarn is, it is a Stylecraft Yarn and we just can’t stop feeling it! my son loves it and has asked if i can make something for him with it, we will have to see but I get the feeling I won’t get away with knitting something for someone else with it!

Something else I got a while back was a whole load of knitting needles crochet hooks and other knitting bits and bobs.

These were my great aunts who sadly died just after my daughter was born, most of my family sew, they sew a lot, my nan was a dressmaker and taught people how to sew she also worked in the big ladybird factory sewing and teaching there until it closed down.

The stories I hear of all the family sewing together and trying to get dresses made in time for ‘The Dance’ .. and how they made clothes in the war when their tiny island was occupied by the Japanese!… I really love listening to these stories!

My nan often makes dresses for my daughter and up-cycles items to make her dresses,without a pattern! Most of my family can sew..I don’t even remember learning to sew, my first memory is being sat at my nans (pfaff?) machine practicing!

My family can knit and crochet too but not all too much, so my family thought it would be best for me to have all my aunt’s needles hooks and bits, and I feel lucky to have these, I was told that my Great Uncle worked for Sirdar so use to bring my aunt lots of bits home! how lovely and dreamy would that be!?

These are the knitting items I inherited

knitting needles, crochet hooks and knitting accessories

Some of these hooks are tiny, they are for such fine tread!

lots of these needles are plastic and although I shouldn’t use metal needles much they will come in very handy, for teaching my children and for ‘holding’ knitting work on, I feel very grateful that my family felt I should have them 😀


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